The Nothing Thread

MODS: Please delete this if you see fit. I’ve heard plenty of people complain about the Chit-Chat portion of CD, and this pretty much follows that ‘useless talk’ frame of mind…

But anyway.

Alright, I pretty much spend all day in my cubicle (working of course :wink: ) I have CD-Spy up on a dedicated computer. But for a while during the day, it seems like it’s malfunctioning, and I immediately pull up a new browser window to refresh the portal, only to find out that there is simply NOTHING NEW! (I swear I’m not addicted to CD.) So I pretty much wanted to create a thread in which anyone can post whatever is on their mind, as long as it’s remotely interesting.

This could definitely turn into a game. Imagine the quotes that could come out of this. Weekly, we could judge people’s tid-bits of info and anecdotes and have a winner.

Just some idea’s. I just get so bored sometimes, that I would love to hear about whatever else someone is doing.

But of course, this could be completely out of place. Just send me a PM and I’ll take it down, or a Mod can take it down for me. If this is viewed as what ‘CD isn’t about’, then don’t sweat it.

EDIT: After reading Eric’s post, I’m glad that at least someone else thinks it’s a good idea. The only issue is that because it’s in the games thread, you must WAIT to post again. Bummer.

EDIT2: I was thinking about it, and I think that the normal 10 post rule for games should not apply here. If you’re bored, you should be able to post, regardless of the last time you posted. Just a thought.


I like this idea. I know I sit watching CD spy, during that time of day when people like to do important things, like school or work :rolleyes: (8am-3pm), and it would be nice to have another distraction from stuff I actually should be doing.

As long as the discussion in the thread stays appropriate I think this could be another good chit-chat thread.

Too bad I’m not doing anything other than watching CD, or I’d post more.

Crazy idea that popped in my head the other day.
Two words…
Potato battery.
Why go through all of the trouble of recharging batteries when you could just through in another potato? (If we could get it to work:rolleyes: ) I just thought that that would be an interesting. They have already started that (I think anyways) by making the potato alarm clock, and plus I have made and electro-magnet with a potato battery about a year ago.

And afterwords,

EDIT: By the way, I think this is a good idea. It will surely keep us CD addicts busy this summer.

Edit:Fixed the Potato problem:rolleyes:

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Even a “Nothing Thread” can add value. What is CD-Spy? Is this hidden under one of those frequently asked questions or on a sticky somewhere that we all should have read? What does it do? How does it work? Does it explain why some people answer questions and reply to posts or PM’s almost immediately afther you’ve posted them?

And now that I’ve made my public service request…

I’ll do a grammar fairy update… the word is Potato! And Tomato! So Seth, I hate to pick on you because I know you are from the state that produced the championship speller Dan Quayle, but drop that “e” unless you have more than one potato / tomato! Which of course you will, since you will be changing out your Potato Battery on a regular basis!

CD-Spy is a real-time view of whats happening of the forums. There is a link at the top of every CD page. Right between CD-Swap and Unsung FIRST Heroes.

CD-Spy link

I am taking an English course online over the summer (7 weeks). Ugh.

Every Thursday and Monday, I need to read two short stories and write a response to them. The stories are given.

I personally view this, not as a waste of time, but time that could be better spent. I am a very math/science/tech type of person, and have always hated taking english/history/art/culture courses.

So I guess I’m just posting about this in a sort of frustration out of reading stories that I honestly don’t care about, and writing my thoughts on them. I know that some say that this is good for me, that I should be happy about doing it, that it will help me further in life, etc. I still can’t see how any of that is true… But I guess that’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, rant is over. This was truly, about nothing (of importance).


I agree completely Jacob. Reading random short stories don’t make you that much smarter! Quick question to all you CD ppl (most of who are older than me and will be able to answer this question) In general, is taking a language (either latin or spanish) easier in class durring the school year, or through an internet course durring the summer? k thanks for all the help in advance.
P.S. I need to eventually take latin 1, spanish 1 and 2 OR latin 1 and 2, spanish 1

Trust me right now! You want to take the class from a teacher, as long as they can make it interesting and don’t do all of these homework assignments that have no meaning (Grammar worksheets, definition worksheets, and short stories/essays don’t count). The teachers actually teach it rather than just give you a list to memorize. Plus, they can make sure you know it, rather than you being able to just read and leave it out of your mind on the internet. I know this because my classes this year were mixed first semester online classes and second in the public school.

My response…AMEN!!! That is exactly how I am. I truly don’t see the use of perfect grammar, just as long as it isn’tall slang and rude. That’s just me though, and I love math, but only care about English to get my credits. English classes only seem to repeat themselves…Gets borring.

OK, so let’s start this game all ready!

I have a really nonrandom thought on my mind right now which simply is how am I going to get windows XP to work on my computer. Basically when I install XP, the drivers can’t find my hardware. Plus I am wondering why my mom is saying “Eww” as she reads a paper that my dad just handed her. I dono, but now all of a sudden she is laughing, now agreeing, and now saying “That was sweet”. I dono, grr I hate Vista.

Perhaps we could turn this into a “Daily Events thread” of sorts? A couple forums I’ve been on had one, it works really well if the members are active in posting (which I would expect the CD’ers to be)

I used to go on ChiefDelphi a lot, but as of late I’ve found myself going on only once or twice a day. When I stick to a schedule or sorts, I find myself wasting less time. (Besides, somehow it seems like everything has more meaning when I check it once per day, as opposed to every ten seconds.) It’s like reading the newspaper or watching World News with Charlie Gibson once a day (or reading Time magazine once a week) to learn about current events in the world, as opposed to watching the mindless, 24/7 banter on cable news networks.


Take a foreign language class in person. Don’t take it online. Foreign languages are one of those things that you have to experience, hear, and speak it in real time to begin to understand and comprehend it. Just merely reading and writing about it on a computer teaches you the theory, but not the culture of the language.

However, if you do take a class online, listen to music in the language you are taking if possible. Try to write down the lyrics in the foreign language as you hear them. This will help you become better at listening to and comprehending the language. And remember, taking any foreign language is better than taking nothing. It really does help on SAT tests (and if you take Latin, it will help in science courses, especially biology.)


Usually it’s not until you’ve begun to read a lot that you begin to realize the power of literature. For me, it wasn’t until I read Fahrenheit 451 that I really began to appreciate literature, and the novel 1776 by David McCullough that I really began to appreciate history, especially the history of the United States. Both of these novels hit me as showing how “fragile” our current world is, and the only way to ensure it continues as strong as before is with a keen vigilance and a large, multi-discipled education.

While I may be one of the math/science/technology people, don’t write off English, history, culture, and art classes. I get just as mad about this, as I do for English majors who don’t know even the basics of science and math. While you may not always like all those other classes, they are important for your varied education. With time, you’ll come to realize that even though you may dislike these classes, you need them.

Many of my teachers who I once regarded as “too strict and/or mean” have turned out in hindsight to be some of the most influential and best teachers in my life. They teach you to work hard, stay on your toes, and never slack off. These are the teachers that enable students to become successful.

IMHO, “The Nothing Thread” as a title is a quite a misnomer, as there are more than a few random thoughts, musings, and ponderings of life, the universe, and everything here. Perhaps a better title would be “The Random Daily thread”, “Random thoughts and musings”, “42”, or even “Life, the universe, and everything”, in order of sophistication and metaphorical value. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an appropriate place to put this!

Okay, so I’m willing to bet that only 2-3 people that use CD actually know that the CSWS (College Softball World Series) is going on right now. Actually, game 2 of the finals was played tonight. Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Arizona Lady Wildcats…

Anywho, anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE University of Tennessee fan. Well, I was following this game tonight on a Vols forum and learned they lost. So what? They’ve got one more game to win it all… one more! Ahhh… lol.

They have the BEST pitcher in the history of the NCAA (51-4 this year alone). Well, I expect them to win tomorrow night.

Hm… that’s all I have to say. I thought I would actually post something more meaningful, but eh… such is life. Have a nice night.

I’m the third person.

Me too! Me too!:smiley:

But wait, if you were the third person, who was the second? (I think EHaskins was really #3 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Im listening to a country station and when you aren’t intently listening to the music ie. not trying to understand it or figure the lyrics. All the songs sound the same. I am curious does this happen to anyone else. Or is it just my own lack an ear or brain??

I’m not a huge country fan. I’m more into prog like Pink Floyd, Rush, etc.

The same thing happens with rap music. I think it all sounds the same.

OK, so today was my birthday. It was pretty awesome. In the morning, my best friend gave me a Transformers helmet, complete with voice changer, and a giant card.

Then I had dinner at a mexican place.

But best of all, my fellow CD users wished me a happy birthday in the Birthdays! thread.



Sweet. Happy Birthday Jacob! :smiley:
My birthday is comming up on June 24. What I’m thinking is a nice long bike ride, and a full out Batlefront II game, with networked computers and a PS2. Would try to get an XBOX in it, too, but can’t get it networked.

Who knows? One of my friend’s B-Day is that same day, I’m trying to do something with him. Man, I hate schedule conflicts:mad:

Tennessee lost tonight… makes me very sad. I actually got to watch the first 4 innings too. It’s too bad they didn’t win a NC during any of the 4 years they had the very best pitcher to ever play the game. tear Football season is right around the corner… 87 days, TBE.