The Office Thread

Who here is a fan of The Office? I’m talking about the U.S. Version, though the U.K. version does have it’s good points. The Office really became a great show last season and with the season premiere last night, I can see it’s going to be another great season.

So who’s an Office fan? Maybe we can post our favorite Dwightisms :]

I love the office! kast year i even got another kid watching it! i personally like the whole, “Take your nylons off or else they will melt to your skin!!” or something to that extent, from the “Ryan Started the Fire” episode.

At first I hated the US version – I figured the UK version did it really good, why re-create the wheel. The US version has done a great job, though, and I like it just as much.

If you like the US version, and have never seen the UK version, it’s definitely worth renting.

I still like the UK version better, but the US version is funny too. Even though he was pretty disgusting, I had some sympathy for David Brent, but Michael Scott is pretty much pond scum (funny pond scum, but nonetheless pond scum). Same thing for Gareth as compared to Dwight. Tim/Jim is my favorite character.

I saw the UK version before I saw the US version, and after the first episode I absolutely hated it! It was too realistic and depressing… but I decided to go ahead and watch the second episode… somewhere in the middle of it, I was hooked! When the UK version finally got around to the kiss between Tim and Dawn (Jim and Pam) I was cheering out loud! Best on screen kiss ever!

I had decided to never watch the US version because I loved the UK one so much, I figured they could only mangle it… Anyone ever see the American version of Coupling? shudder But a friend whose taste I trust told me to go ahead and watch it… yea!


I choose really not to compare the two shows. They each have their strong points. A lot of British humor is just that and it’s hard for me to get right away through the accents and all. I’m more of a fan of the U.S. version. While the British Office pretty much ended with Dawn & Tim getting together, I don’t think that will happen with the U.S. show. Who knows, they may not get together at the rate things are going now. Jim is in Standford now and I guess we’ll have to see if he goes back to Scranton :slight_smile:

If you’ve sworn off the U.S. version entirely, I highly recommend giving it a chance. It’s hilarious in its own way and is really just a completely different show.

Sadly yes. It was horrible. I really did not like how they compacted everything into such a small amount of time.
I do however like the American version of the Office, yes the British one is better but the American version is no where near as bad as the American Coupling was.

I absolutely love The Office.

My favorite quote so far is:
Dwight: You could have a brain aneurysm. You could be hit by a car or a train or a bus. You could be poisoned, fall in a well, step on a mine…
Michael: Okay, if I step on a mine in Scranton, Pennsylvania and die, you can have my job.

Dwight is by far my favorite character. He takes everything so seriously and Jim and Pam just love to mess with him.

I have to say, the fire episode was definitely one of my favorites. There were many great Dwight moments in that ep (“Question: Did my shoes come fall off when the plane crashed?”).

And yes, I have gone to Chili’s and ordered an “Awesome Blossom, extra awesome,” just like Michael did in the ep where he moved the business meeting from the Radisson to Chili’s.

That is one of my favorite quotes from the show so far :slight_smile: It’s hillarious, and so unexpected for Tim Meadows to make an appearance. I think Steve Carell is a great actor, he pulls off his character so well into just making you hate him but laugh at the same time.

If you can’t see me, I have my right eyebrow raised above my hairline. This show is pretty funny. I hated it at first, but after lastnight’s premiere I think I’ll watch some more episodes in the future. NBC is really doing great on their new shows. I can’t wait for Heroes though. Studio 60 was hilarious the other night, too.

That’s a perfect example of why I sometimes have trouble watching The Office. It’s great in all aspects, that you cannot understand how real it is until you work in an office. However, by originally being from the Scranton area, there are a LOT of hidden “jibes” at the city that make it tough to watch sometimes.