The "official" DS and PSP thread

Well we might as well have another official game-related thread :slight_smile:

Anyways, for those who dont know, Nintendo and Sony are going at it again with two new handheld systems…

Nintendo is going to release the DS
Sony is releasing the PlayStation Portable

Anyways, here is what I know so far about each one

Nintendo DS:
-Has two screens (hence the name, Dual Screen)
-Will have wi-fi capabilities, allowing people to play online using a wireless access point or one of those McDonalds “hot spots”
-Has a built-in program called PictoChat, which kind of works like AIM or MSN messenger, but you can draw pictures and send those as the message.
-Backwards compatibility only with the GameBoy Advance titles.
-System comes with a demo of Metroid Prime: Hunters, which is one of the first games to be released with the system.
-Super Mario 64 will be rereleased for this system and will come with multi-player options as well.
-Graphics look somewhat like enhanced N64 graphics
-“official price” is $150

Sony PSP:
-Uses a mini-disk format
-Lots of the accessories will be in USB format, including the memory stick
-Mini disks will also have the capability to have UMD format movies :ahh:
-The first UMD format movie for the PSP will be Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
-Graphics look quite similar to the PS2.
-Estimated price might be $200-$250

As always, more information will be on

so let the discussion begin!!!

I shall say, based on the stats and price, the Nintendo DS, because it’s much better in gameplay and is cheap :). It ALSO has backwards compatibility! w007 w007!

The DS sounds like quite the handheld when you put two-and-two together and get it, but this system has a lot of compatibility with tons of connections.
I personally will be getting the DS because of how interesting it’s going to be in the future. Besides, I heard of a Sonic game coming out for the DS. :smiley:

i will be purchasing both, i have about $200 in gift cards to best buy because i bought a laptop there and i am on the rewards program so i got them all for free. So i get Nintendo DS for free which leaves me with the spending money for PSP so it works out grand

I would go with the PSP, but I’ve read a few not-so-good things about it on I’m not exactly to fond of the DS either, but it’s unique, so I’ll give it a shot.

Hopefully I’ll get a DS for Christmass, or snag one afterwards.

i have owned a ds and the gameplay sucked it relied on the touch screen way to much you had to use it at least ten time every five seconds it realley suckd its hard to handle and hard to use the touch screen

PSP for sure! The screen is awsome and it has a more “mature” feel to gameplay. Not to mention Chief Delphi. The analog stick is very nice too

As of now, the DS and PSP are running close to equal…

DS has better price…
DS has a much longer battery life…
DS is alot more forgiving in the event of dropping it…ouch for the PSP screen…
DS has a better sound system…
DS uses the touch screen very well…
DS is much faster

PSP has better graphics…
PSP can play media at this moment…
PSP plays MP3’s…
PSP has an analog stick…
PSP has a better variety of games

As of now the PSP is off to a better start than the DS…no I am not a PSP fanboy… but its the truth… The PSP is doing better because of its variety of games…and great use of hardware features…
I beleive once the DS has a good selection of games… it will be hard to beat!
theres my opinion on it…

I was talking to on of my friends from 1541 about the PSP, he says I should sell my DS.

I won’t. Why?

Katamari Damacy on the DS.

Yeah, that’s where it’s at baby. :cool:

As far as I’m concerned, the DS is GOOD. The PSP, though extremely slick looking and beautiful, is made by Sony, and I really do not like them at all. The only system of theirs I’ve been happy with is the PS1, only because it was the only new system I had at one point. (1997-2002 roughly, then came the Gamecube, which I am a huge fan of and eventually became a huge Nintendo fan because of it.) Basically I do not like them because they are not a ‘dedicated’ gaming company and they basically want to monopolize the industry.

On the other note, the Nintendo DS has two very good screens, good sound, excellent innovation, and good titles like Metroid and Mario to back it up. So, when I get a chance, I will purchase a DS.

I will wait for a while to get a PSP because I never buy something right when it comes out - wait for the bugs to get worked out, such as this issue with many, many PSP’s. Not worth the money you’re paying for them at the moment, but in a year or so when the prices drop… that’s when I’ll be getting one.

yeah the PSP i think rules the ds because its…kewler :cool:

i choose the PSP for a plethora of reasons…i used plethora hahahaha I’m smart. 1)for our age group (15-17) the games that are our and that are going to be coming out for the DS are childish. yes Mario is fun but egg monster hero’s and yu-gi-oh are for little kids. othn Metal Gear Acid, Lumines, Dynasty Warriors, Untold Legends, FF7: Advent Children, and Dead to Rights: Reckoning are all games that are for us (15-17 year olds) male or female.
2) the graphics are way better. DS graphics look like old N64 graphics while PSP looks almost like a PS2.
3)the games for the DS depend on the touch screen way too much. Metroid Prime: Hunters is way to hard to play, having to use the touch screen all of the time. but games on the PSP are so much easier to play

the only downfall that the PSP has is that the games take so long to load. BUT it is worth the wait for the graphics and the game play of the games.

that is just my opinion don’t be offended and if you love Nintendo and hate Sony don’t hate me because i would rather have a PSP then a DS. this is just my opinion and is no need to get mad and give negative reps for. THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION AND WILL RESPECT YOUR OPINION IF YOU RESPECT MINE!!!


DS for several of the reason already posted; 1. less cost, 2. longer baterry life, 3. its by nintendo, and 4. Touching is better…

That issue is not a ‘bug’ that is unique to the PSP. The DS and Nintendo have the same stance. All LCDs can have this problem. My friends Alienware laptop had three dead pixels, my laptop as one, and the monitor I’m using right now there are two dead pixels. I don’t notice them ever, they are near the edges and with most usage they just don’t stand out. This is a manufacturing problem that is getting better, but even with exacting manufacturing standards the problems still appear.

That said, I’m planning to get a PSP.


I’m going to have to agree with you on that one…
The DS as of now does have horrible games…
But as soon as good games come out…

  • World Championship poker: Deluxe series - Lets you use the Mic to talk… Similar to X-Box live communication in Halo 2… plus you get to customize your character and play Texas Hold’em ( or 11 other card games) with up to 6 people!

  • Need for speed underground 2 - Yes its a remake but it lets you have more customizing options like drawling your own car logos on the touch screen!

I think when the good games start rollin’ in DS will be awesome!