The Official Halo 2 Thread

Yeah, it’s almost time, so here’s the place to post your throughs, reviews, opinions, and midnight launch comments here.

So far the game has recieved nearly perfect scores from IGN and Gamespot and they are raving about the game play, the story, although they only complain about how the cinema sceans use the game’s graphics engine, like the origional, to render the cincema sceans, so it looks a little rough.

Halo 2 is going to be the Goldeneye of our times.

Enjoy kiddos. :]

I’m a little disturbed that you consider GoldenEye to be “before your time.”

I will be participating in some sort of geeky Halo 2 party tonight, however I did not preorder it myself. I’ll get it eventually.

Ditto, the game only came out less than 7 years ago!

I did not preorder Halo 2 but I will be waiting at the doors when Circuit City opens at 10am tomorrow.

From all the reviews I’ve seen and read it seems to be a near perfect game, but maybe thats just a bunch of hyped up gamers. I guess we’ll have to wait until its out for a week or two and then we can really see how good it is.

My favorite review is at: Halo 2

They offer a lot of free movies and screenshots.

Um, why? It was poking at the idea of a game being gasp outdated, perhaps?

I do not consider Goldeneye to be before my time. It is an older game though, and I don’t know about you, but it just seems so nostalgic to play it now. Goldeneye brings a sense of nostalgia to myself, which is why I posted it as if it were “before my time.” Goldeneye was the benchmark multiplayer game of its time - what was that, 5 or 6 years ago? Halo 2 is going to set the standards now, just as Goldeneye did.

Anyways, did you guys hear about the Halo 2 leaks? This has happened with Half-life 2 as well… it’s almost like if you’re not good at the game before it comes out then you’re at a huge disadvantage.

yeah, ill be there at 12:01 to get my share of the Limited Edition Halo 2… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be at the the Gamestop on Broad with my friend Romeo to pick up his copy of Halo 2. I’ll have more thoughts in about 6 hours. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Who has it now? :slight_smile: Just out of curiousity.

mmm looks like i get the first review. I picked up my copy last night at 12 am and now its 8 am cant you tell what i have been doing all night. Halo 2 is awesome. The multiplayer is good but i was kinda expecting more from it, but i think i am just used to Halo and have to make the transition. It seems like Halo 2 was geared to the Storyline more. The storyline was amazing Me and my friend played thru it most of the night. The graphics are unbelievable and i love how you have a full team with you that works with you. Overall i like the game alot Storyline is unbelievable.


West Broad? Near Short Pump? That’s really close to my house! You should have come over afterwards :wink:

2 questions:

  1. In Halo, I liked the hand-to-hand combat options. Often, I would use the stock end of my shotgun more than the trigger, during close quarters combat. What improvements do they have with this sort of fighting in Halo 2?

  2. The other thing that made Halo great was getting a sniper rifle and hiding out somewhere, like in the cliffs on Blood Gultch (sp?). Are there similar situations in H2?

Andy B.

No, the one near VCU. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gun Butting is the best. Did you switch your button configuration to make the right thumbstick button gun butt instead of zoom? It saves some valuable milliseconds. :smiley:

That said, I ended up working on an English paper and doing some typing for my girlfriend so I haven’t had a chance to play yet.


Kyle just got Halo 2 this morning and has been playing some multiplayer to check it out. Hand-to-Hand combat is pretty much the same w/ the addition of the energy sword.

It’s also looking like sniping will be a whole lot easier now that the maps are twice the size of the original ones. There are objects everywhere that can be turned into hide outs for a sniper. You can also sniper with the main assault rifle now since it has a scope/zoom.

They made the radar light red?


Radar light?

Do you mean the hud color? It’s pink/purple like that when you play as a Covenant in multiplayer (Campaign ;)).

Geez, you make it sound like red radar lights are rare in video games.

No no. The made the radar ‘light red’.
Dosn’t anyone else watch Red vs Blue?


Picked up Halo 2 at Best Buy this morning around 10am (they still had a few hundred copies of each).

I’ve played for about 4 hours and I give it two thumbs up. It really is as good as the reviews/previews.