the old internet

i was looking thrugh video sites and i found this interesting news report from a little over 10 years by a toronto news team about the Early Internet.

heres a quote
“a new phenomnon across the world, its called Internet”

they talk about emoticons even

That’s great. I especially like the way they never say “the” internet, just internet… It seems so… backward. :wink:

And yes, I did disable smilies so I could do fun “emoticons”. :smiley:

That is pretty interesting. When studying historical international relations, I had come across a few news reports similar to that. It’s like, the first time Dean Kamen reveals his new inventions. People are shocked beyond belief, and they end up being normal, everyday things. :smiley:

That’s an old CBC broadcast, with anchor Peter Mansbridge on October 8, 1993. Here’s the link to the CBC archival footage. It’s actually a national news program (Prime Time News).

haha ya that is wierd how they just say “internet” instead of “the internet.”

I might have to check out “Internet”. That just sounds so weird, I can’t even remember not having the Internet, I think the first internet connection I had was a 14.4 kbps on Prodigy using a Commodore 64. :yikes:

You know, I think I have a box for one of those.

Is that IRC they were using? (and 10% growth? :eek: )

Heh. I recall the days of putting the phone receiver on a base that was hooked to our C64. Man, that was a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue: