The Open Alliance - 2023 Highlights

The Open Alliance has expanded to more than 70 teams across Chief Delphi and Discord for 2023. This has resulted in a lot of awesome content, but with so much being put before you it is near impossible to see it all. We are bringing back Weekly Highlights to try and make it more digestible for everyone. We will aim to have a highlights post up at the end of each week. We are also working with FIRST Updates Now and FRC 6328 to bring video recaps of the Open Alliance on a weekly basis.

We have created a form to submit content through so that all the highlights can be compiled to one weekly post. If you see something you think is cool, useful, or unique, please submit.


Week 1 Highlights

95: Adhesives and Superstructure

1339: Compression Tests and COTS Pink Arms

2713: Pit Overhaul

3467: Archetypes, Robot Designs, and Simulations

3847: Prototypes, Sketches, and Alpha Bot

4481: Prototypes, Prototypes, and Prototypes

6328: Breaking the game, Priority List, and Prototypes

7461: Prototypes and Alpha Bot

25 Likes Check out some of the highlights from teams in the Open Alliance for week 1 of the FRC Charged Up 2023 season! Produced by members of FRC 6328

OA Teams: Submit your media content to be featured by end of Thursday each week at OA 2023 Link Aggregation This is a great way to really get your team out to the FRC community!


Week 2 Highlights

95: Robot Design and Mechanism Binding

2158: Prototyping

3467: “Alpha” Bot

3847: Alpha Robot and Design Recap

4099: Prototyping

4481: Prototyping and Game Analysis

4795: Robot Design

6328: Auger Cone Pickup

6838: Diagonal Elevator and Slider

7461: Alpha Robot

7492: Vacuum Testing

16 Likes Check out the week 2 highlights of over a dozen Open Alliance teams created by 6328!



Week 3 Highlights

95: Gripper and Good OA Content

1757: Code Update

2713: Robot Design and Code

3749: Fully Assembled Robot

3847: Intake Testing

5987: Double Jointed Arm and Prototypes

6328: Code Update

7407: Climbing Forks and Pivoting Elevator

12 Likes Check out the week 3 highlights created by 6328 featuring many Open Alliance teams as they continue to make awesome progress. Features include completed superstructures, intakes, arms, vision and more!



Week 4 Highlights

95: Intake Testing

3161: Arm Sim

3467: Slop

3847: Design Recap

4099: Design Recap

4481: Prototypes and Robot Design

4795: Arm Counterbalancing

6328: Robot Design and Scouting System

7461: Robot Design

8177: Design Review

14 Likes Open Alliance Week 4 Updates video is out from shooting to spindexers and more!



Week 5 Highlights

95: Practice Footage and Greasing

2611: Simultaneous balancing

3161: Aluminum Swirl, FEA, and General Progress

3506: Swerve + Charge Station

3847: Design Recap and On-The-Fly Generation

3926: Jumping The Charge Station

4795: Landing Gear and New Intake

5414: Robot Overview

6328: Double Jointed Arm Programming

8177: Vector Jig 2.0

8 Likes Check out the week 5 highlights video from Open Alliance teams including shooting cones and cubes, vision, CAD, hanging off of the charging station and more!



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