The Perfect Pass

During a Final Match at the 2016 Colorado Regional, there was this recording of CRUSH 1011 passing to 1619 Up-A-Creek Robotics.

Before the GIF loaded I thought this was going to be an in-air pass and catch and I was out of my mind to think that it could happen. This seems a little more plausible, but still an uncommon feat. Kudos to the drive teams for pulling that off and saving themselves a few seconds of chasing down that boulder.

This was a few years ago but it remains one of my many heighlights of my season as driver.

It was a district championship… The pass is at about 2 minutes but feel free to watch the whole match :slight_smile:

I told the operator lower the arms where gonna shoot it and it worked out perfect cause I had drive motors going full forward so the motor for the catapult didn’t have the power to actually launch it

Throwback two years ago.

That ball should have an assist on it, therefore it’s worth 10 points now in the high goal. Assuming the first robot had control of it in the neutral zone first of course.:wink:

wrong year :stuck_out_tongue:

That was an awesome moment for sure!