The person BELOW me

this is a spin off of the person above me and i kinda took it from another forum site =). dunno if this was done before but i didn’t find it when i searched.

okay, instead of writing about the person above you, you write about the person below you. example:

person1: the person below me hates v-day
next person: TRUE! the person below me is addicted to coffee
next person: false (I’m addicted to tea). the person below me…

rules: 1) be nice, 2) You cannot post until 5 other people have posted.

you get the idea? so i start:

the person below me wants to go to sleep.


The person below me should be doing homework instead of browsing ChiefDelphi

alright…ill bite.

SOOO True…

The person below me has a valentine

(okay i’m cheating…sue me)
FALSE. actually true. my valentine was my robot.

the person below me lacks sleep because of robotics and craves chocolate.

false, I do not crave chocolate, I only lose sleep because of robotics.

The person below me does not know how many viruses they have on their computer.

Absolutely true!!

The person below me is in a state of panic because her/his robot is not working properly!!! :ahh:

False lol

The person below me is super excited for nationals!

of course! see everyone there!

The person below me has made a hovercraft.

False, but it does sound tempting

The person Below me has graduated from high school


The person below me wants to take part in the National Mallet Championships. :rolleyes: (Get me on AIM if you want to know what it is :slight_smile: )

false/true. i can’t go on aim so i can’t really ask you…x.x’

the person below me wants the cup of tea i’m drinking right now

false - I made my own green tea this evening. :slight_smile:

The person below me knows Andy Baker.


The person below me can correctly pronounce Oconomowoc and locate it on a map.

True!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The person below me regularly uses chapstick (bonus points if it’s made by Burt’s Bees!)

true! i live on carmex!

the person below me has a dog


The person below me is sleep deprived.

FO SHIZZLE i havent slept in two days

person below me is in robotics…hehehe :smiley:

True the person BELOW me is over 18 years old


the person below me doesn’t have an to prepare for an ib english oral in 30 mins :stuck_out_tongue:

True–but I do have ENGL 102 in twenty.

The person below me is not in college.