The person BELOW me

I appreciate it at least, plus most of them come over and help business after week three.

TPBM is now homeschooled

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I love homeschooling, but i have to do school when lots of my public school friends have like a month off lol

TPBM plays cello

Wow! I actually do!

TPBM would have been at a robotics event today.

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Yes, actually. Perry Meridian.

TPBM has (or their team has) taken a large chunk out of a power cell at some point this season.

No, I’ve only touched a few PC, at Arkansas Regional, and I didn’t tear a chunk out. (But I would have been queuing practice matches at Bayou Regional today.)

The Person Below Me is concerned that his/her allergies will be confused as COVID-19.


TPBM has spent a lot of time recently playing Minecraft because of the virus

Actually yes though I didn’t play it before.

TPBM has tried out a lot of new games recently

Nope. Still playing Grand Theft Auto V online
TPBM is going stir crazy :crazy_face:

Yes!!! I am driving all of my friends crazy wanting to chat!

TPBM should be doing school rn, not being on cd

You’re not wrong, but school isn’t entertaining the way basically everything else is

TPBM likes to CAD

Heck yeah

TPBM is trying to reply to @gellnick right now.


CAD isn’t a verb, so you cannot use it in that form” - 846’s head mentor, for 17 years

darn it you

TPBM doesn’t know about the “wait until 4 others have posted” rule on this thread.


Well, yes, I don’t know about that rule. I am familiar with this similar rule, however.

The Person Below Me has posted in this topic in the past week.

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TPBM is on team 2412.
come on EricKline, Squirrel2412, Gavatron, 000peo, OroArmor, k.aylee2412, Mink, Mika1820, HopelessDiamond2412, BrielleChenier, Domtech, OverFound, NatsirtD, kaylac, and any others that I’m missing cause I know I’m missing quite a few.


Looks like I’m the first to respond to this. :man_shrugging:

TPBM lives on the East Coast (of America).*

*yes, I do realize that by posting this late at night I might be skewing my sample size

Nope. I live in the same city as you.

TPBM can add on 1 more person to the list of Robototes who have chiefdelphi accounts that I didn’t include here.

Yes you

The person below me has watched Locke and Key.


TPBM is watching the phantom menace

No, I’m on a video chat with people and using CD to get away from it.

TPBM loves watching Star Wars Movies (and the Mandalorian)

Yes Star Wars Movies, but not the Mandalorian yet - haven’t watched it lol

TPBM is Ari_2412.