The Phoenix, AZ regional, a top notch event

In 2003, 2004, and now again in 2006 (we didn’t attend in 2005, big mistake if you ask me) I’ve had nothing but good things to say about the Phoenix, AZ regional. They just really seem to have it together over there. Trash cans clear, present, and plentiful. The most excellent queuing anyone could wish for - they actually come to your pit and get you. Signage was excellent. There was no confusion of entry, exit, or where to go. The social was a blast once again and the food this year was even better than in years past. Anyway, to all the volunteers and the planning committee, I believe your event serves as a role model for all the other regionals. Please just keep doing what you are doing. We absolutely loved it!

I agree with sanddrag about most of this, but on the trash cans, I beg to differ. I wanted to dispose of my lunch trash Thursday. I was in the stands to eat, so I start looking up there. No trash cans. Repeat on the lower level. Finally I found one in the pits. Later, it seemed like the trash cans got harder and harder to find. To me, LA stands out on trash can placement–trash cans all over the pits and easy to find from the stands.

Well, that may be one point on which we differ. But I think everyone would agree, the quality in the way this event is run is just outstanding!