The poor serial port less laptop owners with a ExpressCard Slot

Just to hook everyone up, I made a great find reticently.

If you have a new laptop with only a expresscard slot Startech makes
a great serial port adapter. It has a real UART not a prolific PL2303 usb-to-serial chip.
It can program the 2006-08 controller in about 20 second flat.

Here is the link :

Thanks for the info. Last year I had looked for one that was more then just a usb serial converter but didn’t find it.

A warning to anyone who sees this and decides it’s just what they need: “ExpressCard” is not the same thing as “PC Card” (which used to be called “PCMCIA Card”).

I ordered mine from Amazon and got it today. It downloaded at least as fast as our laptop with a real serial port, if not faster.

There are several good PCMCIA cards, but this is the first ExpressCard that I’ve seen that works well.

For those who have PCMCIA card slots, try using a Siig PCMCIA 1 port serial card, loads code in about 20 seconds as well. (Much faster than the prolific usb adapters)

As far as I’m concerned the Prolific is basically junk. The most inexpensive way to go is with the usb-serial cable with the FTDI chipset, previously covered here:

I found that the two-port version (EC2S950) was the same price, so I chose to go that route. It arrived the other day, and I can report the same results as the other folks: downloads are quicker and more reliable. The only drawbacks I see are mechanical. It seems like the connector between the breakout harness and the card is pretty fragile, and pre-disposed to breakage in the near future. :frowning: I wish there was some easy way to strain relieve it, but short of mounting the laptop on a plywood panel I don’t see any obvious solution. I’ll be packing the old USB->RS232 adapter just in case.

I used hot glue to strain relief mine.

Can anyone confirm if this works with a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp? Thanks.