The President's Circle video

For those who haven’t seen the post, the video for the President’s Circle has been posted. More info can be found here:

If you have limited video production experience, make sure you check out The Blue Alliance’s Video Podcasting Episode

While it wasn’t made specifically for the President’s Circle Challenge, this episode of TBA is chock full of a bunch of tips and tricks for making your own web videos. Learn how to set up audio, cameras, lighting, and even editing basics.

Good luck to everyone!

It worries me that the videos are only two minutes in length and require you to display the number of teams you have started at the very beginning. I hope FIRST uses more criteria than sheer quantity when judging these videos, such as their direct usefulness to other team’s working on their own initiatives.

Two minutes is also an incredibly short amount of time. It took Paul over two minutes just to announce that there is going to be a two minute video contest, and then another three minutes to explain the rules. Teams will have to use their time wisely, and probably shouldn’t try to include more than one or two well-explained simple tips.

Good luck teams! Bust out your creativity!