The President's Guide to FIRST

Today marks the dawn of a new leader. With this new leader comes the promise of concentrating on innovating as an entire country. Thus, I believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the new President of the United States of America is fully informed about FIRST, what it stands for, and how it can benefit the entire nation and even the world.

So I ask all teams, mentors, teachers, volunteers, and anyone else involved to help create a complete in-depth guide to FIRST, that will give President Obama full insight into what we’re all about.

To start off this thread I would like everyone to post what FIRST is to you personally and what the organization has given you or helped you realize.

I hope to receive a multitude of replies! I want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in this!

FIRST in a nut shell is like going to a family reunion. You may know some people but everyone seems to care about you. It is my sport. I wouldnt have courage and be capable of wanting more out of myself.