the provided chassis material

is any one really looking at using the chassis material provided in the kit-o-parts

it seems the easiest thing to do- no sense in reinventing the whell this time to have a rolling chassis because

already has a gear box that looks relitivly robust in nature
that way we dont have to sepnd toins of time figureing all that math out

simple yet elegant design


I do not believe we will use it. Although we have not yet gone and gotten the kit of parts, we also have some Bosch extruded aluminum. We plan on using all that for the chassis, and if the drivetrains can be used with that, then it is a possibilty to use it.

I think were just gonna use it for prototyping

its already been thrown into the scrap pile, never to be found again…
when you use extrustion for a few years you find so many great things about it, i know we wont let it go unless we just find something else amazing.


we used bosch extrusion last year but this year i think we are just going to go back to using simple old fashion box aluminium.

Cheaper and easier…

I cant stand to look at T nuts anymore after wrestling with them in that little channel all last season.

we agree that it is best to start with what is given and simple
do you know what alloy the box aluminum extrusion is?