The purple team problam

the problem is of course that teams with purple avatar will have every purple pixel transparent in the webcast… what do you think about that?

I’m not familiar with the FMS and webcast systems but am curious to know why that happens…
is that a known thing? will it be patched one day?

There is a certain magenta color that is used to key out the different areas of the screen for the score overlay ect. A solution would be to ask your AV crew because there is an option to change the color, otherwise avoid magenta coloring.


That is very interesting…

It’s because the color of purple being used is to close to the chroma key of the audience display.
Per the Team Avatar Specifications.

Teams may not use the color Fuchsia in their Avatars, hexadecimal RGB color #ff00ff, or visually
similar variants as this is the chroma color used at events. Otherwise, there are no color
restrictions for Avatars.


You’ll notice that some events don’t follow this standard (usually by mistake) and then the green on the timer keys out (because they’re using it like a traditional green screen).


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