The question aboud FMS

Tomorrow , there will be an official offline competition in our country . And before the competition , l also have some questions. First of all, after the FMS is loaded on our robot , can l drive my robot just like what l drive in my lab ? Another question is besides the code , l should check what before the competition?


If you connect the RoboRio to a laptop with a USB printer cable it will function as normal, but in corded mode. Bring a spare, unflashed radio if you want to retain radio functionality.

As for basic preparation with less than 24 hours;

  • Make sure all cable connectors are properly seated. Ensure they won’t come out when the robot gets hit from defense.
  • Check fasteners are appropriately tight.
  • Test functionality / get the driver to practice if possible.
  • Assemble a proper toolkit, particularly that printer cable.
  • Make / buy any spare parts you reasonably expect to fail.

Best of luck!

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  • For us, the biggest thing is to remember to bring everything (we are getting more organized, but has not been our strong suit) especially bumper pins. All my other points are things we have learned over the years and review with team members.
  • If you have an extra laptop, bring it too. For both laptops, make sure they are fully updated, then disable updates for the next few days. Windows has a habit of locking things up if it updates automatically while the driver station is running.
  • Bring any tools you will need (that are allowed) to fix things that break as well as the supplies you will need to fix them.
  • Bring game pieces and label them with your team number. It is helpful to test mechanisms as you tweak them at the event.
  • Charge the batteries, and keep them charged all day. create a system for keeping partially charged batteries on the charger and grabbing fresh ones. Along these lines, the more organized your pit can stay, the better. If you can have a student take the job on of keeping things organized, and another in charge of batteries, this will help a lot.
  • Bring eye protection, and have access to it right when you get to the event. You and your team will need to wear it whenever in the pit area.
  • Though food is not usually allowed in the pits, do not forget to eat and hydrate(I sometimes do).
  • When you arrive, find out the system for signing up to the practice space and sign up. You will be able to tweak your robot or practice then.

When you get home, reflashing the radio may take a few tries to get right.
Good luck, and have fun.

Thanks a lot , there will soon be a practice competition . And we seem to be ready now.

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Fine advice overall, but this is generally frowned upon at competitions, if not disallowed entirely. Event Rules E16, E18, and E19 are relevant here. It’s better to have a long Ethernet cable around to test the robot on the practice field since that won’t violate any rules and will allow you to operate the robot from further away and more safely than a USB cable will allow.


I assume/hope OP meant “retain radio functionality at home”. You can certainly use the radio programming tool to get it back, but we do keep a radio labeled “SHOP USE ONLY” to save us from that dance.

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