The question about installing NI

l want to install NI on my computer , including the Driverstation Station … But l can’t get it and the error is below .

l have tried a lot of times , but it doesn’t work . Can anybody help me?

As the error message said, do you have a stable internet connection? Cert issues might also be a problem, are you on a school network?

No, l install it from my home . And my network is stable , l just can’t install it.

What is the computer and operating system you’re installing it on? There have been some changes to which operating systems PXI Platform Services works with that might make an install fail. If you have an older version (especially a 32 bit version) of Windows 7, then PXI Platform Services 19 will not work and you’ll need to upgrade your operating system.

Recommend you try the offline installer:

Windows11 pro , dev port

l use the offiline version but it doesn’t work as well.

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Try to right click on the Offline exe (or msi) install and select ‘Run as Administrator’?

Also, do you have any ‘Norton’ installed? Other anti-software stack might also be blocking but if you’re running as administrator, it should at least sends out a prompt. Norton on the other hand…not a fan since 200x…

l have tried this method , but the result is also the same. l also block the my defender and it doesn’t work.

A few things to check:

  • do you have a pending update that requires a reboot to completed (or finish the update). If you do, finish that first. [In my expenience, this can causes all sorts of cannot be explained issues].
  • what kind of error msg are you getting? (either on screen or in the event log). Alternatively, start up a CMD prompt, cd to your download locations and then try to just ‘run the installation exe’ file.
  • did you tried to move the downloaded file (offline) into a separate folder (i.e. moved from your c:\users\name\download\ to something like c:\temp)?

sorry I forgot you had post your error screenshot. But check the Event Log and see if there are any additional/detail information there.

This is very likely the problem. I wouldnt expect the leaks to be particularly stable, and until official insider builds are released there’s likely not much people can do to help.


Ah, well then, that’s likely to be the problem. Using a non-standard (and pre-release) version of Windows would not be a route I’d go for a driver’s station computer.

Considering its getting released in around the Holiday timeframe, I’d say its good someone is seeing if it works because many people are likely to upgrade before the FIRST season.

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Well it installs correctly on the build that went out to insiders yesterday. I tried it on a few machines.


So , does the FRC Game Tools support windows11 now?

The 2022 FRC software is beginning beta testing now, so you’d need to apply to be part of the beta test to try it and document any problems/workarounds you discover with Windows 11. Others will be doing the same.

The general release of the 2022 FRC Game Tools will be at the January Kickoff.

Thanks . so the FRC Game Tools 2021 won’t work well on windows11? If that is the case , l will stay at windows10 until 2022.

The one-word answer to your question: untested.

It hasn’t been tested yet. But, there’s a beta test you may be able to join.

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