The Questions and Answers

What questions have you heard judges ask after your chairman’s presentation? It would be good to share them here with everyone else so we can all practice to our best extent.

My team has heard questions that resemble questions asked in job interviews and also questions about our community programs, such as our SWATBot. They asked how the SWATBot came about and what we’ve been doing to improve the programs. What has your team been asked?

Team 27 has posted a compilations of all the questions they’ve been asked from 2008-14 on their website. I highly recommend practicing with some of those.

Last year at the Las Vegas Regional, we brought up the fact that we started up a VEX team in our Chairman’s Presentation.

One of the judges asked us, “Why did you choose VEX instead of going with the natural progression of FIRST programs?” That would have to be the toughest one that we were asked, I think.

Sometimes they will put you on the spot and sometimes they’ll just ask you to expand on some events/outreach efforts that they wanted to hear about.

For our team, the mentors come up with obscure or detailed questions and ask them to the Chairman’s team after they present so that everyone’s well prepared. This also helps train members on how to answer a question that is either super tough or really specific.

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