The radio refuses to connect to the computer, at all

As the title said, the radio won’t connect no matter what we try. Many power cycles, multiple computers, all of our Ethernet cables, and even older radios. It throws the error code:

Bridge Connection Failed: Could not locate bridge

From what I can tell, the radio doesn’t seem to see the computer, and the power light doesn’t ever stay solid, though the activity light is blinking. After looking around on the website, plugging it in only after the light went solid, disabling all other possible internet connections and trying both ports, I still get the error. Even flashing new firmware doesn’t work. Does anyone have any more tips to try and get it working?

Have you participated in a competition? They change the firmware during the inspection.

This should help:

This is the site that I have used to try and set up the radio. However, this doesn’t work, as I can’t get past the “Loading FRC Firmware to OpenMesh radio” step since the radio doesn’t connect to anything.

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