The Rainbow STEM Alliance Scholarship

Hey Y’all:

This is just a reminder that The Rainbow STEM Alliance is proud to once again be offering two $500 scholarships for seniors (Class of 2022) or alum of FTC and FRC! We are one of a few community based scholarships that have no requirement to be tied to a college or university. We also have one of the latest scholarship deadlines at May 31, 2022! So make sure you submit an application soon!

Application Process:
To apply for the Scholarship, complete and send the application package including:
● A completed Scholarship Application
● Other Contents
o A letter of recommendation from an adult who is not related to you.
o A 1-2-page essay (approximately 500-1000 words) describing the promotion of STEM
within your community, and/or what you are doing to promote inclusivity in STEM.
o Please include your preferred name and pronouns in your essay, if you are comfortable.