The rate of the loop is being lowered somehow, Java

Sometimes when i connect to my robot, it has a delay , it accepts half of the input we give and the other half disregards it.
I have a theory about it, i think the rate of getting input from the joysticks is somehow decreased, or the rate of the loops changes(it collects input way less than normal as i explained before).
Anyone can help?

Driver station logs are where you should start. The coms section

We had a delayed/missed control issue last year. In the driver station logs you could see dropped network packets. That would lead to radio, ethernet switch, or cable. We replaced the cable from the switch to the rio and that fixed the issue.

You can also look at the drivers station usb inputs. This will show you if your controls are talking to the computer. If you are seeing misses here it is likely your controller or usb port.


If the loop doesn’t complete in time a loop overrun error message is printed to the console and riolog. An occasional message is normal but many indicates the roborio CPU is overloaded in some way or you have inappropriately long sleep/wait in the loop.

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