The Real 217 Robot for 2010

Above is the link to an mp4 of the real Thunder Chicken Robot.

Not enough greeeeeeen =(

So when can we expect a picture of the twins partying together?

148 had a better vid :rolleyes:

I’ll be the first to ask: Whats with the random dentist scene? In addition to building robots do you also remove wisdom teeth? :confused:

So that’s how the ball sucker works… looks deceptively simple for bugging you folks for nearly all of build! :eek:

Two thumbs up!

While watching this I kept getting feelings of Deja Vu… :wink: Awesome robot though!

Oh boy.


Looks can be deceiving. Just because the solution may seem simple does not mean the path that led us there was an easy one.

Our students participate in an event called “Give Kids a Smile” The team assists dental professionals who donate their services to help kids to not be afraid of the dentist.

Your video is 2:20 long… for better quality I would cut back 3 seconds.

Since I spend most of my team on chief at our shop with filtered internet, I appreciate raw video!

Looks good, these twins are beasts.

Looking amazing, guys. I definitely see this robot being just as successful as your past creations. Unfortunately with MSC being the same weekend as GTR, I’m not going to get to see it in person until Atlanta.

P.S. The 148 video was pretty cool, but you totally win in the soundtrack department.

Awesome, of course!

Some questions that came to mind while watching your video:

How are your motors allocated? It looks like 3 CIMs and 2 FPs for drive, 1 CIM for kicker, most likely CIM for arm… is the ball magnet run with a window motor? I never would have thought to see FP motors in the drivetrain after your drive sizing thread.

Also, how did you get the magnet to work with the varying height of the chassis (when switching from agile to tractiony drive)? Seems like it would be a pesky problem to work around.

As with 148’s bot, I really wish I could see this thing in person!

Heh, I was going to mention the same thing.

I’m guessing rs555 for the ball rollers.

Completely agree. 148’s song was nothing I’d ever listen to. This is much more… not screaming.

As for the robots…( :smiley: :smiley: Looks like the Chickens will be 5 for 6 on Einstein.

Pretty Sweet!

Best of luck 217!

I see 5 cims in the nonadrive, FP for lifter and kicker, and window motor for ball grabber. It looks like 148 switched the FP’s into the drivetrain and used cims for kicker and lifter.

Very nice!

Looking forward to competing with and against the chickens at FLR!!

PS: Division by Chicken!!! (cough 2005 cough):wink:

Great job 217, and 148! This thing is a beast. I can’t wait to see it at States! I’m kind of speechless right now, actually…

I almost expected the music for this video to be “Mama Mia,” but I guess that would be a little too cheery for those of us who are already going into robot withdrawal.

We are using 5 cims for the Nano drive. Two Fisher Price, one for the kicker and one for the “Taco”(liter). A window motor is used for the grabber. I do not know if 148 has moved around the cims. As far as I know they have not. Encoders are used to track position and heading. CAN is used to control the motors via the 2CAN. We limit the current in the ball grabber to prevent over heating the window motor. A hall effect sensor is used to set the kicker cam timing.

How many different teams’ shirts can you find in this video?