The Real 217 Robot for 2010


Alex dont worry hopefully 2228 217 and 3181 will be paired up. I look forward to competing against this beast at flr.


1:40 Krunch T-Shirt! I feel so cool now! hahaha seriously an awesome robot. Knowing that there is a second of its kind scares me… I guess I’ll have to wait until nationals to compete with it!


As a mentor of a fairly new team, I want to let you know how your work inspires countless others. I don’t know you, but I want to thank you for sharing with us the result of your team’s hard work. In the three years I have been involved with FIRST, I have been met many special people committed to this worthy cause of inspiring others to become more than what they are. Your work and the work of other great teams makes me want to be a better mentor to my own students and provide them with greater opportunities than I am currently giving them. Your success is a testament to Dean’s vision and this is something that you and your team should be proud of. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Darren Collins FRC 2046


Hahah that’s me and my favorite team tee! And ironically enough I’m wearing it now (:


How did you guys get all of those tees? Maybe I should order 10 or 11 2791 shirts to trade this year… Hardcore swappage right there.


wow nice job guys. is that swerve drive?


We get 5 new shirts every year, enough for the new season. In Atlanta, we are allowed to trade shirts with other teams. So if you are looking for a TC shirt, come to the pits or our stands in Atlanta. I am sure you will find a trading buddy!


Can’t wait to see it at competition with its twin :smiley:

. . . I’d like a shirt :yikes:


We all love trading! Seriously just ask one of us in Atl and we’d be ecstatic to trade with you (:


To me, this is the coolest thing that you guys (and other teams for that matter) do. I remember back in 2004 when 254 and 60 collaborated on a robot design. It was one of the most heated discussions I’ve ever seen on CD. FIRST ruled that it was legal, and 254 won the Championship Chairman’s Award that year (the collaboration was mentioned in their description for winning, so while it may not have been the only reason (it probably wasn’t), it certainly was a factor). Oh yah, and the robot had some pretty good success, too.

Here we are, 7 years later, and the collaborations are stronger than ever. There are few things more “real world” than these. The engine program for which I work goes on an aircraft that is a joint venture between Bell & Boeing. My company’s controls department is a joint venture between us and Goodrich.

All around the world, these collaborative efforts are becomming more and more the norm, and the fact that you guys (and others) can introduce high school students to it, and make it effective, blows me away.

Congratulations on the very cool robots. But, more praise is deserved for finding ways to challenge high school students to something few have the opportunity to do. To me, that puts the Iin FIRST.


Okay now to get to Atlanta!:stuck_out_tongue:

That look like a really nice robot with a sibling! Although it needs some green!:wink:


It’s the same 9 wheel drive base that 148 uses. It has 4 wheel modules with both a traction and an omni wheel each and an omni wheel in the center for strafing.


Willing to trade a Devil Duckie tee for a thunder chicken one(preferably a large)! You know you want to rep the red and black :cool:


I can echo Paul’s comments when he says he enjoyed the collaboration. I’m friends with many of the Thunderchickens, and I had a blast working with them over the past six weeks. I also look forward to working WITH them as the two machines move through the competition season.

In total, the CAD process took approximately a week, but I can’t even give an accurate hour figure. There were too many late nights. I personally feel that this collaboration has brought the two team closer, and I hope others agree.

Can’t wait to see Mia in action next week!



She looks pretty in blue! It is a shame that if we ever play together one of us will look weird in the wrong color bumpers…

I cannot say enough how incredible it is to work with the Thunderchickens. We’ve been collaborating over the past few years, but this is the first year since 2005 that I’ve been involved in a “full” collaboration with them.

I need to echo Paul’s statement that this was a full collaboration. Every system was worked on by both teams, and not a single part of this robot would have been the same without the contributions of both.

It is so refreshing to know you’ve got so many talented people supporting you. There were times during the season, even when things weren’t going according to plan that I could relax knowing “the Chickens have our back, we can solve this together”.

The Thunderchickens meet earlier in the evening, while the Robowranglers get a later start. Combine this with the time change (eastern vs central) and it sometimes felt like we were working 2 shifts.

I can gush all day long about how awesome the Thunderchicken Design and Prototyping teams are. I was feeling VERY weird watching all the compliments being paid to 148 in our unveiling thread. We purposely did not mention 217’s involvement in the design, because we didn’t want to “spoil” the secret of the collaboration, and we wanted them to be able to do their own unveil without us spoiling it (in retrospect, we should have collaborated more on the unveiling :wink: right Kate?) Every compliment paid in the 148 thread should be echoed to the chickens 10x over.

I’ve had the pleasure of becoming close to many of the 217 students over the past few years. They’ve always been extremely welcoming when I get the urge to put on the green and blue. As a result of this, I feel like I’m a mentor to many of them. When I talk about the pride I feel for “my students” I’m not just referring to the ones who live in Greenville.

Mia and Armadillo represent the culmination of an incredible journey our teams took together. I’m eager to see how they perform on the field. I’m especially happy that I get to join up with 217 at Cass Tech in a few weeks. This year maybe I’ll even put on the chicken suit (btw - now that Paul isn’t coaching, he has NO excuse not to do it.)

For all those considering collaboration:

  • It is HARDER than building a robot on a single team.
  • It is an INCREDIBLE experience, and is worth it – all you need to do is look at the relationships that have developed between students and mentors on our two teams.



Beautiful robot as always. Team 217 never ceases to amaze me!

I may just pass by with a pioneer shirt in my possession… :smiley:


Sweet! Looking forward to seeing you there!


Maybe we can trade your rivet gun for a Gorillas t-shirt:D


How about the blue ThunderChicken hoodie? If I for example had an extra TnT hoodie.


I’m in for trading both!!