The Red Stick Rumble - Thanks!!

Hello everyone,

One thing that you quickly learn when doing an offseason event is that it takes an entire army of people to have it go off without a hitch. I am going to attempt to thank everyone here as well as on Facebook and anywhere else that I can.

First, let me start off with our sponsors. Thanks to the Foundation for East Baton Rouge Schools along with the Albermarle Foundation for providing the largest monetary donation to the Red Stick Rumble. Thank you to Event Rental for the largest In-Kind Donation for the Pipe and Drape for our entire event. Thank you to Ram Jam Productions, whose AV skills and music selection has, for two years, added so much fun to our event. Thank you to NASA for lending us Chris Copelan whose superior MCing skills always brings excitement to teams and audience members alike. Thank you to Ralph’s Supermarket and especially to Steve who somehow got all of our stomachs filled with some slamming burgers, jambalaya, tenders, and sausage. Moreover, thanks to Raising Canes and to the Woodlawn High School Prostart Team under the direction of Chef Oubre. Both organizations helped feed volunteers while we worked to set up on Friday.

AndyMark - specifically Brett and Jerry - for their patience and energy that ran throughout the entire event - and our local FTA, Eddie. . . you never cease to amaze me, sir.

To teams like (123) 456 and Magic Smoke and KnightVision. . . setup and teardown can be the longest parts of an event - but your work helped so much. To my own team, 3337, Panthrobotics - you put up with me in a way that most don’t have to. Thank you for your heart, your patience, and your passion.

To Woodlawn High School, ts ROTC and FCS team for selling food and bracelets. . . to the Musically EnKleined - our choir who sang an amazing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, to our Principal, Mr. Stevens, for believing in our program and to the Coaches who let us use their gym… .

We also appreciate FIRST - to the Bayou Regional Director, Carolyn Arthurs and FLL Partner, Annette Oertling, and Jeff Lanum, Mannie Lowe, and everyone from FTC in Mississippi for helping us setup and run concurrent FRC, FTC, and FLL events successfully.

To every volunteer from Entergy, from the Military, from ITT Tech, and from LSU’s STEP Program; to every parent, sibling, and friend; to the media for their presence and Scotlandville Middle for their demonstrations. . the list could go on and on.

To put it simply - I am humbled and grateful for all that you have done to help. This is what FIRST is. This is what FIRST does. In my opinion, every Sponsor and Student and Parent and Volunteer are FIRST.

My last thanks goes to a team and a coach that I respect deeply. To Allen and all of the Spectrum crew - thank you for streaming for us. The stream was gorgeous and Allen, conversations with you always fill me with new ideas. Everyone should take a look at the streaming here.

I know I missed people in this list. Forgive me for any oversight. I am simply overawed by all of the support that we had. Next year we go bigger. Congrats to the winners and to those that simply played their best.

I hope to see you all at the Rumble again. To see us in the news: