The Regional Wars

I think you mean 88, 126, and 173 in 2005 for Atlanta…

The south definately has a reputation as being one of the most brutal and defensive regionals out there. Teams like 233 and 79 are just two that i can think off the top of my head that are pretty descriptive of what a good southern robot is like.

Of course I know this idea won’t happen but anyway… I think the best way to pick the regional teams would be to nominate a captain for each region and let them pick a lineup. Sure deserving teams get left out but selecting teams solely on regional wins or finalist appearances is quite flawed. Not only is there an extremely large amount of luck involved but due to the nature of picking alliances it’s unlikely that all the best teams are represented in the finals. Even if the #1 seed is the best team and picks the second best team at the competition their third partner will at best be the 17th best team. Keep in mind I think any team that makes it to the elimination rounds is deserving, my point is that often the best teams get spread out amongst the alliances. So I say just pick one of the big names, or a group of them if you prefer, from each region and let them fill out the rosters.

So, I would have the regional captain select 10 teams to represent that region and, just for fun, 2 alternates. The format would consist of a best of five matches between two regions with the winner moving on. Each team plays at most one match per round. Lineups are declared at the beginning of each round with all five of the two-team pairings and the match # they will play in.

Although I think you should just give the Midwest the trophy now. :slight_smile:

111 & 494 – Worked at nationals.
93 & 67 – 93 catches ALL the balls, 67 caps it and hangs.
33 & 111 – 33 fills the goal, 111 caps and hangs.
45 & 47 – Lots of small balls, 45 caps while 47 hangs.
461 & 469 – With both goals full of balls and doubled why hang?

Also please keep in mind this is a quick list during my break from circuits. I definitely forgot some teams and, with only 10 spots, didn’t get to put in all the great ones I did remember. I would expect anyone given the job of filling out this team for real would have quite the hard time.

As far as getting all those teams in one place, well, that would pretty much be impossible but to save on hotel costs everyone can stay at my house! I do think a location could be found within driving distance for a Midwest vs. NE showdown but those Cali teams are so far away…

btw… what about the Canadians, or the Brazilians for that matter.


but this year the northeast had a lot of really good robots…

365, 222, 25, 175, 303, 11, 237, 88, 56, and many others

I want to continue suneel’s post (I’m going to stick with the midwest / northeast rivalry here, so I’m going to leave out the teams from the other regions) …

2003 finalists: 494 (midwest), 25 (northeast)

2002 Champions: 71, 66 (midwest), and 173 (northest).
2002 Finalist: 308 (midwest), 311 (northeast)

2001 Champions: 71 (midwest), 365 (northeast)
2001 Finalists: 111, 33, 349, 144 (midwest)

2000 Champions: 25 (northeast)
2000 Finalists: 111 (midwest), 126 (northeast)
(sorry, my memory is pretty fuzzy from 2000 and 1999)

1999 Champions 176 (northeast), 1 (midwest)
1999 Finalists: 111, 45 (midwest)

1998 Champion: 45 (midwest)
1998 Finalist: 121 (northeast)

1997 Champion: 71 (midwest)
1997 Finalist: 47 (midwest)
(Note: 1997 team numbers are the CURRENT numbers for those teams).

So, since 1997 (since I’ve been involved in FIRST), the number of championship and finalist participants have been (according to my fuzzy memory):

Midwest: 22
Northeast: 8

Granted, I think I may have missed a couple in 1999 and 2000, but it appears the midwest has the edge. Hey Andy, thanks for getting the ball rolling on the trash-talking thing. :smiley:

You see Chris…we in the Northeast don’t dwell on the past. To us, its all about next year (i.e. Boston Red Sox Fans). By the way, you missed Chaos in 2000, Gael Force in 1995, Tigerbolt in 1996, and Gael Force in 1992. Thank you, come again!

The northeast will return next year, full force…be afraid, be very afraid!

-Andy Grady

To fill in some of the blanks…

The 2000 National Finalists were Teams 126, 131 and 102, all from the Northeast

The 1999 National Champions included Team 48, from the Midwest.

I guess my memory wasn’t too bad (only missing Chaos in 2000). I guess I’ll bump that record to 22-9. I only listed the years in which I was at the competition - I joined in 1997. So sorry about missing the “ancient history” part.

You should try and make it to the IRI this year to see how the midwest teams do it up. Oh right! You were at nationals, so by watching the finals you already saw how the midwest teams do it. (This is getting fun!)

Okay, Andy - I’m going to stop now (I promise). You should know that I respect the northeast as much as anyone. You guys are great. Seriously though, you should come to the IRI. It’s a great time.

Off seasons.
229 + 126 vs ANYBODY.

You up for it?
It’s freakin’ unbeatable man. :wink:


Ohhhhhh how convenient that you didn’t start FIRST until after the age when the Northeast dominated all of FIRST! We are planning on making our move soon enough, dont you worry! :smiley:

Who knows…maybe at a certain possible undisclosed special event in 2005, we might be able to find out who really is the best region once and for all. :wink:

By the way, you can keep talking trash all ya want…I think its fun, and it adds to the rivalry…just as long as it stays fun and there are no personal attacks or anything like that.

-Andy Grady

Well, I dunno if the Gael Force and R2 will be in the same event at any point this summer, but I will say this…

I may very well be a “free agent” at a certain event comming up in June. My strategy and/or coaching abilities may be available to any team who might be daring enough to make me the correct offer for my services :wink:

And how convenient that you “forgot” about the other 2 year 2000 champions, Team 255 and 232, both from California. I keep telling people, we are due to have a west coast champion sooner or later, you guys just watch out. Soon as the divisions work out the way they should ;-).

Bring it on! I would bet that a mixture of numerous Indiana teams could whoop your butt. :slight_smile:

Andy B.

Ahhh but you are forgetting Mr. Baker…collectively, John and I know more about you and your robots, than you know about you and your robots! I seem to remember last time 45 crossed the path of a team I was on…they ended up missing a tread after the match :wink:

(And the rivalry heats up!)

-Andy Grady

Ohh no, I’m soooooooo scared!

Cmon Baker, pick your alliance. Don’t limit yourself… pick from anywhere in the Midwest…

Better yet, make it a mentors grudge match. Grady drives his robot, Joel drives our robot. I’ll coach.

Are you ready for a full season of pent up “Joel-can’t-drive-aggresion”? The man is an artist with a joystick… Are you ready for that?
I don’t think so.

And if you think Joel will be agressive after not driving for one year, imagine how crazy im gonna go not having driven for 6 years!!! One thing is for sure…you older midwest engineers have NO chance of outdriving Joel and I, two people who were once masters of the FIRST joysticks!

Just bring it!

-Andy Grady


I’m always up for a challenge. Bring your robot up to Wonderland and we can try this out.

Or, how about you guys come down to CT for a little bit of 716 and 195 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’m sure that would be a fun match up

Silly Canadian,
How about YOU come to US! :wink:

(Actually, I’m not gonna be anywhere near my robot this summer… Whatever off-seasons 229 ends up at, isn’t my decision at all, it’s all up to the kids… maybe they WILL come to Canadia. shrug)


I think I’ve spent more time in the States over the past month and a half than I have in Canada. Canadian teams are always travelling down south. This summer I invite all the American teams who’ve never come up north, (or haven’t since 2002, hint hint 229) for the Wonderland challenge. You might just like up here.

Why wouldn’t you guys come, you wouldn’t be scared of some little Canadian robots, would ya?

Trash talking across borders. Yee-haw.