The Remix (Houston, Texas)

The Remix is an off-season event in Houston, Texas celebrating its fourth year. For 2015, the event is planned and organized by FRC Teams 1477 Texas Torque and 624 CRyptonite with lots of help from our friends in the Houston Robotics Community. The event is funded by the registration fees paid by the participating teams. Any funds remaining after expenses are met will go to local charities.

Registration Link

We are allowing for 32 teams with a minimum of eight matches per team. Alliances will consist of three robots. Plan on the same rule modifications as TRR. The top eight teams are not allowed to select each other. The selection sequence will be 1 - 8 then 8 - 1. If we have enough teams, the backup robots will be randomly assigned from the robots remaining. We will be working with FIRST in Texas and the Texas Workforce Commission to arrange grants for teams from Texas to pay their registration fee. Once a team has registered, they will receive an invoice via email for the registration fee.

All qualification and elimination rounds will happen on Saturday, October 24. Field setup and load in will be October 23. Teams may also load in Saturday morning.

College Park High School
3701 College Park Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77384

In the past, only teams from the Lone Star Region were allowed to participate. This year, we would love to see teams from all parts of Texas and those willing to make the drive (or flight) from outside the state.

$275 (if paid before September 24)
$350 (late registration)

For More Information
Email us at

I am a little confused about the date. November 8 lands on a Sunday this year. Also, the website says that the event date is October 24.

Methinks that someone copied and pasted this from last years one, as that was on November 7-8.

That’s what I guessed. Just making sure :smiley:

His executive assistant messed up.

Apologies to executive assistants everywhere. It was actually their silly lead mentor. The problem has been fixed and he has been properly warned.

Here is the current list of teams participating in The Remix. The venue has changed; The Remix will be back at Oak Ridge High School. This is the same location as last year. I love the set up they have with a gym surrounded by a walkway much like the facility at IRI.

118 Robonauts
231 High Voltage
624 CRyptonite
1477 Texas Torque
2080 Torbotics
2158 ausTIN CANs
2468 Appreciate
2587 DiscoBots
2881 Lady Cans
3103 Iron Plaid
3335 CyRanch CyBorgs
3478 LamBot
3847 Spectrum
4328 Furious Falcons
4587 Jersey Voltage
4589 Adamasbots
4639 RoboSpartans
5414 Pearadox
5416 TaRDIS
5427 Tompkins Robotics
6587 AwtyBots

We still have room for two or three more teams to join us. Here is the link.

How did it turn out?

Good question. The Remix went well this year. We were all competing under the threat of potential flash flooding that night so we did have a few team not make it. Scott and the rest of the Torque and CRyptonite did a great job running the event.

The 2015 Remix Champion Alliance
FRC#624 CRyptonite from Katy, TX, FRC#3735 Kleinbots from Klein, TX, FRC#5427 from Thompkins HS.

**The 2015 Remix Finalist Alliance **
FRC#2468 Team Appreciate from Austin, Texas, Team Lambot from Mexico and FRC#3847 Spectrum from Houston.

Congrats to all the teams that competed and the winning alliance on a great performance.

Here is a link to the archieved stream