The Return of FIRST Scouting Network

(title sounds a bit like a horror flick… hmm)

Ladies and gentlemen, after a year and a half of inactivity, FIRST Scouting Network is being resurrected! While the code is lost, the idea has stayed alive, and will return for the 2006 Build Season! We plan for this to be a multi-regional application, web based where available, and on private LANs where the internet isn’t available, and a team is willing to set up a copy of the server.

We are organizing a meeting on AIM for this Wednesday, August 31st at 8:30PM EST. If you can attend, please PM me on the forums with your screenname or IM arichards1341 on AIM, and you will be invited to the chat at that time. More details will be released at the meeting.

See you then!

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Very much interested here! Will PM you soon.