The return of...

…for 2008. Any guesses?

…PepsiCo noting a sharp increase in sales of Mountain Dew around lunchtime on January 5th?

Tim! You think that’s what Woodie meant about his stock market comment in Atlanta this past year? :yikes:

… KOP wheels other than the AM FIRST wheels… (AndyMark seems to have a FIRST wheel sale on now.)

…A new and improved AM FIRST wheel with a stronger bearing holder (I hope FIRST doesn’t abandon AndyMark’s excellent design for Skyways wheels. AMs have so much more traction and are significantly cheaper to use) and a spur gear based KOP transmission

My dream: the return of the IFI breaker panel.

Likely reality: the same finicky rockwell distribution block :rolleyes:

Return of… Rnets?

… the eighteen gallon tote?

… the hanging bar? … or the limbo bar?

… the teeter-totter?

… the hexagonal playing field?

(So many possibilities. :confused: )

… Nate Smith? :wink:

I agree. The AM FIRST wheels were WAY better than any of the old Skyways.

This is sort of correct, but not exactly. Let’s just say that I will be involved this year, but not in the way that many of you may be used to seeing me (at events.) If you look at my current location listed in my profile, there’s not much in the way of events out here, unless I wanted to travel to Manchester. However, if you know about some of the other projects I have been involved with in past years, that should send you on the right track…

Do you guys think that the CMUCam2 will be there once again?

My guess is that if they were sticking with a camera route, they may opt for the newer CMUCam3 and (hopefully) more support for the camera. Though somethingmakes me think the camera has seen its last days as the tech FIRST will be pushing.

The return of infrared sensors.

The return of a meaningful autonomous period.


stress, headaches, fried cameras, and teaching freshmen and sophomores to program so the team has programmers once i’m gone…
but really–
the return of balls as game pieces

Hopefully not one which impacts the game too much ie 2006. In my opinion a mix between 2004 and 2005’s would be perfect. Have something most teams can do with some effort (ie 2005’s hitting down the hanging tetras) and a more difficult part which you need sensors to complete that releases your game pieces early to your alliance (ie 2004’s 10 point ball releasing your side). I think the key to a meaningful autonomous is having options, a simple option and a more complex one.

Placebos! C’mon, who’s with me?

Yes, i agree that a simple and difficult option for autonomous is a fantastic idea. Like how in 2006 you could go for a high goal or a floor goal.

Man our autonomous that year rocked… it was nice having someone on software that year that knew calculus… i’m guessing some people remember the beautiful blended curve path that our robot took to it’s shooting position after finding the target from it’s starting spot.

sigh ok maybe i’m just sore becasue we never got to use our autonomous mode this year… the ultrasonic radar+trig based autonomous was too complicated to finish in time. :o


p.s. The return of an exciting and easy to understand game, that a walk-in spectator can understand and enjoy without any or much instruction.

Amen. I would really appreciate the simplicity and the weight savings again, but I think that it is indeed a likely reality that we are stuck with those awkward distribution blocks and heavy 40A breakers.

Even more likely reality is perhaps a completely new solution, again. Just because of the fact that for the first time last year we had a clean electronics panel and they wouldn’t let us get away with that again with out redesigning the whole thing.