The return of...

…the return of game pieces we can shoot into the crowd…


I second that lol. I see balls coming back again as it continues its glory of being the game piece of every even year!

I doubt it. I think they got rid of them because they where shorting to the frame. When we where testing the camera in 2006 we kept having the battery short through it because the breaker panel was shorting to the frame which in tern shorted to the camera mount and then to something on the camera. Let me tell ya, it really stinks when sparks start shooting from your only available camera.

*Billowing Magic Smoke

They got rid of them because IFI was losing money selling them, and not very many people were buying them.

And then last year Rockwell donated the PDB.

anyone seeing mobile goals coming back?

The Jedi?

The Mack?

The King?

The Living Dead?

of bumpers… but as a game piece!!

I see a big future for those noodles :rolleyes:

seriously though think about it… they are:

  • Cheap
  • Easily obtainable
  • Challenging to grasp
  • Lightweight

if not 2008 I seriously believe we will be seeing them in 2009… they are a perfect game piece for FIRST…


if this comes true I want my own corner like car nack… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much for us! (though that may have allot to do with the fact that its the middle of winter in Canada mixed with living in fairly rural community.)

lol us too!! us canadians would be at a slight disadvantage to those who can obtain pool noodles in the middle of winter lol.

Return of…Futurama?

Return of…the Soviet Union?

The Mummy


Finally, people who agree! The IFI breaker panel made things SO much cleaner, and easy to diagnose. I know, I know, it isn’t as much of an educational experience, but… CMON PLEASE??? PRETTY PLEASE??? WITH SUGAR ON TOP???


Now that I’ve settled down, I’ll be quiet. But seriously FIRST (and I’ll direct this at Dave, because he probably has the most influence), if you’re looking for a great christmas/holiday present to me, and many other people who wire their robots, please bring back the IFI breaker panel. You don’t even have to send me one. I already have one. I just want to be able to use it.

Thanks in advance Dave :wink: ,

lol no kidding, it would make things easier for sure!!!

…the King? (No not Elvis)

…4 vs. 0

Don’t get your hopes up. While I’d love to see it back, I’d put my guess of the chance of it returning at somewhere below 1% (I’d say zero… but as soon as you start making guarantees you inevitably look foolish ;))

I would prefer it stayed as 3v3 to tell the true, so much more adrealine when your competition is right in front of your face, “bumping” into your bot


I would also like the IFI breaker panel to make a return in this years kit of parts.

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