the revolving light

do we have to cut a hoel in a piece of lexan if we have a piece of clear lexan for protection?:confused:

No, you don’t have to, but just make sure you are able to take the light cover on and off VERY QUICKLY. If you don’t cut a large hole that you can fit a light cover through (that’s what we did last year), you could hinge the Lexan so that you can replace the light cover easily.

With the rules for the light they are aiming for 2 things:

  1. So the audience/referees/judges can see what alliance you are on. Make sure the light is visible so they can see it no matter what position your robot is in.

  2. So that it doesn’t take a minute just to switch light covers. Some teams had their light covers in odd positions that took a while to change around, delaying the matches.

In general, make your light accessible and very visible. Common sense can be used here.