The rise and fall of donuts

As a avid watcher of the stock market (eventhough I have very little money invested) I have been wondering over the past three years if there could be a connection between the end of FRC and the decline in the stock price of Krispy Kreem Donuts? Is there a similiar drop in the value of Mountain Dew stocks? Just curious if anyone else has noticed this trend.

At a cursory glance, it doesn’t appear to me that there is any correlation, but a wily number cruncher could probably show something. As we all know, “Figures never lie, but liars figure.”

(Hint: When viewing the attached spreadsheets, you can resize the charts to spread out the data bars and make any build period trend more visible. I had to squish them to make the file size small enough for CD to accept them as attachments.)

Pepsico Stock Data.xls (93 KB)
Krispy Kreme.xls (88.5 KB)

Pepsico Stock Data.xls (93 KB)
Krispy Kreme.xls (88.5 KB)

If this is true, I am in shock. Round these parts, we buy KK for minis, EVERY MINI THAT IS! We (team 222) don’t normally do the KK thing for regular comps.

If I remember correctly, Krispy Kreme’s stock was dropping before. In fact…I was in Economics class as a Freshman (4 yrs ago) and I remember our teacher commenting that the stock price had gone down. I doubt your theory is correct. One reason that the stock more then likely has gone down is America’s sense that they need to get thinner (which experts say we do) and the increase in fat reducing products or low carb ones. Which…please don’t get me started on how moronic some of the “low carb” foods are. Somethings just shouldn’t be eatten if you are dieting, period! Low carb or not!

Since this is in the Rumor Mil…

Do you think with Dave and his love for KK’s we will see the return of the large donut in competition?

Maybe he will bring KK in as a presenting sponsor and they will be colored to be just the same color and texture as real KK’s?

Might be fun?!?