The Robettes had no issues finding Orbit Balls

Oh My Gosh!

What did you raid a hundred Wallmarts! :smiley:

haha all I have to say is sorry Kansas…we wiped that state out

Good job… we have 25 balls of each kind on order at the moment. Currently im unaware why the ordering people decided to do 25 of each kind. Maybe i heard them incorrectly?

well, we are getting 25 of something anyway.

… Where did you order them? :confused:

There’s nothing on the Logoloc website yet, Walmart has discontinued them, and unless you have a federal business tax ID number and wish to buy a minimum lot of 1200 directly from Blip for March delivery, there’s nowhere else yet to buy them.

Try sharing with teams in your area and possibly in the state.

Bring over teams to practice with you and help them out. You wouldn’t believe how frustrating it is for a lot of teams right now who can’t find anything.

Good luck.

Honestly i have no idea. I remember seeing a subteam scouring the deepest pits of the internet for these things, and then announcing at the end of they day that they has 25 on order that should arrive in 5ish days.

Ill see if i can get a hold of one of them and let you know how they did it… my guess is they rode the edge of the sellout from blip toys or whatever the manufacturer is called.

FYI - I have all that and cash to put up front (as long as I made it back in sales, which I’m pretty sure would be no problem). They still can’t deliver anything before mid-March. They are made in China, have no local stock, and the factory has tooled down since the balls are discontinued at the one place they sold here. Due to the Chinese New Year they wouldn’t tool up again until February - and nothing would ship back to the US until Mid-March - too late for just about everything.

You have to get an assistant manager at walmart and have the UPC with you. They can then go into their system, find where the balls are and have them sent to their store… The northeast is more or less wiped out from what I have seen, but it may get you at least a few to kick around.

Yeah but this supposedly couldn’t happen… it said in Bill’s Blog that Blip can’t sell to individual teams, and that they’re not on Walmart’s website. I was pretty curious when Sirui told me you had 25 coming, not 25 on-hand. There must be black market orbit balls floating around…

Yeah, my team, 135, has bought out most of the Wal-marts in our area. I would say we have any where between 25 to 40 OBs. Always looking for more!

I totally just figured out where the UberBots bought all their orbit balls from, they’re from GUS! Their team members have all been forced into slave labor, but the team is making a handsome some, and will soon begin work on developing a chassis for next year’s water game. (You know, this year we finally got the ice game Libby and Michelle called, so the next logical step is a water game next year.) :stuck_out_tongue:

1640 is organizing a southeastern PA/DE/NJ, etc field-sharing initiative. It’s starting off well; I’d highly suggest other teams try the same. If you’re in the area, feel free to contact me directly.

You can say that again. My team (Western NY) has 2, and we cant find any more.

ok go to a walmart and talk to the manager ask them to use they scanner to do a 150mile search for them

My team did this and then drove all over the place to find them we hit Syracuse, Newark, Fulton and Owesgo we found about 26.
We saw on the scanner that the New Hartford, NY wallmart that had 17 balls(BUT THE SCANNER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT), but we did’t go there so they might still be there?

also we noticed that if you call them most of the time they lie or don’t know what there looking for (even after tell them way is looks like, cost, smells like and the packing it comes in)

btw look in the ball rack some times they are there

That was our plan. We’ll probably keep ~10 for practice and have made the remainder first available to the two teams we mentor, then will share the rest with other teams in the Twin Cities area.

Also, as of two days ago, there are 4 orbit balls in St. Cloud, Minnesota and 3 in Rapid City, South Dakota; hopefully this is useful to some teams

It’s a race, then. I hear the SoCal crew wants some.:wink: (I spent part of yesterday in three Walmarts. Didn’t quite finish the third one, though.)

Yea it is a race haha I told my dad that while we were driving around Central Jersey for some
no luck :frowning:

maybe Gus should start selling them eh?

The reason I said that is because Rachel and I go to the same college, which just so happens to be in Rapid City. First one to the local Walmart and all that…