The Robettes take on a Rube Goldberg machine

As promised in a couple of threads, here is our official FRC take on a Rube Goldberg machine!

Our build space has two rooms, and each room has lights near the exterior door to that room. Unfortunately, we always leave out of the same door, which makes turning off the lights in the second room difficult. So, we challenged the team (including 7 new members!) to fix this problem for us during their 2-week summer program.

The result was a Rube Goldberg machine that consists of everything you would find in a typical FIRST shop - game pieces, field elements, spare parts, a small robot, and even some custom built mechanisms! Enjoy!

ok now whose job is it to set it up again every day? :stuck_out_tongue:

A surprisingly good use for the 2008 overdrive ball!

By the way I loved the part with the line tracking FLL bot.

Was that a Breakaway bump? The info on the video mentioned '08, '09, '11, and '12.

Good point, I forgot about the bump when I wrote that up!

Great video Jon! Reminds me of your 2008 drive team, do you follow those ladies? Are they all doing well? I remember working with them during inspections. A great group of students and as always, both competitive and very nice.

Al - From everything I’ve heard, all of our students are doing great. It makes me a feel a little old hearing about the ones that have already graduated college and gotten jobs, or are getting married… In fact, the all-star electrical student we had that helped build the electrical board you complimented so much in 2008 graduated with her Electrical Engineering degree!

Please tell her congratulations for me. I am proud to know them.