The Robonauts 118 - 2013 Video

The Robonauts robot for the 2013 competition.

Congratulations to all teams on getting through the last six weeks of the most challenging FIRST season to date. Good luck and see you at competition.

Holy s…

I’ve been excited about this video for days now. Raising the bar once again!


I have never experienced such awe and wonder while watching a robot in my life, this is a piece of art 118. Congrats on once again raising the bar into space, incredible machine.


Eyup. We give up.


That is amazing. Your bot is just so darned compact. A few questions:
Good grief, how much spin are you putting on the discs??
What’re the extra slanted white dashed lines on your field for?
Once you’re at the top of the pyramid, is it possible for you to score colored discs?

That’s an ingenious method of changing the angle of the shot. Have you found the wobble to be anything of concern?

Once again, the Robonauts have set the bar very VERY high. Really excited to have you at SVR, see you in week 6!


Very cool stuff guys. Didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see the bot in San Jose.


you guys rock.

I just… I can’t even comprehend it. Like, my brain is soup. Commas are everywhere. Sentences. Shrinking. zzzzzzzzzzzz…

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:yikes: .

Well, here’s your world championship trophy.

I’m at a loss for words. Simply amazing.


Where can we sign up for your pick list?

Well you just took all the best strategies and combined them. Gotta love the Robonauts.


Yea, i’m going to go ahead and give you your trophies now.

Just simply astounding. The awesomeness of this robot cannot be described in words. I have no idea how you guys do it, but you always set the bar up so high every single year. I can’t wait to see it in action at the regionals!

That was absolutely amazing. If you can dump for 20 I will just be stunned. Already stunned.

It does everything. It looks stunning.

+1 for Macklemore.

Absolutely unbelievable. Amazingly engineered machine. It can literally do everything*. Every mechanism on this robot is amazing; integrated together they are nothing short of true genius.

*Except dump colored discs. Come on guys, I was expecting more of you!

I’ve never seen Chief Delphi explode quite like this at 1:36 AM. Maybe it’s all the west coasters.