The Robonauts 118 - 2013 Video

Best part about this video is how stoked I am to see this bot in person at SVR!

Simply incredible.


Well, Ultimate Ascent’s a solved game now. Everybody can go home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice robot, I really like it even if its cube shape reminds me of a printer.

We have the pleasure of playing against this machine at least twice this year and I’m pretty sure that our jaws will be on the floor several times at both events. Mason, Justin and everyone at 118 you have out done yourselves. Are you hiding the fact that it flies and swims as well?

Full Court + 30 + super fast floor pickup + accurate from every position.

I’m hoping we get to play with you more times than we have to play against you.

Great Job, see you in a couple weeks.

Well, you guys have reserved a spot on Einstein. :eek:

I always look forward to you guys reveal videos, never cease to amaze. Awesome work of art and amazing design of components. Take it easy on us at Bayou will ya?? :smiley:

Question: What’s the max number of frisbees your hopper can hold? It looks like you can hold a lot more than 4. Just curious.

Once again, great work by you guys and I can’t wait to see this in person at LSR and Bayou!!

I checked chief delphi over and over this season hoping to get a glimpse of the team 118 video which always blows me away.
I was sad i hadn’t seen anything and gave up hope a few days ago.
It was well worth the wait though.
Thanks for proving all the nay-sayers wrong. All things CAN be done.

I just watched the Endeavor video from Rebound Rumble earlier today and still enjoyed it tremendously. Apex is even better. I can’t wait to see it at Lone Star.

My boys got out of bed to watch the video when they heard me describing it to my wife.

No words. I am at a loss on how to express my feelings for this video. Simply amazing.

Nice Job. Looking forward to seeing y’all in action at Lone Star.

:eek: :yikes:

That about sums it up right there.

Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

It will be a pleasure to play with OR against you at SVR. :smiley:

It’s this kind of design/workmanship that truly inspires all teams. Though why did you have to pick the year our team revived to come to San Jose? :mad: (I kid :P)

Kudos, and see you in week six. (And maybe with a bit of luck for my team, at champs.)

WOW… What?? How did they do that?? How does that even all fit??

Simply incredible.

Edit: Ohh and GREAT Song choice.

Wow. I thought I’d see some pretty OP robots this year, but this is just mind blowing.

I liked the game piece hand-off from Magic last year, I’m glad you guys did it again this year with Endeavour.

Also, the new robot’s a really nice piece of work. As always with a 118 machine, it doesn’t really fit in the ‘categories’ we have for all the other robots out there, and has some crazy mechanism nobody else has.

Awesome robot, but everyone on here appears to have turned into surrender monkeys…

See you guys at SVR. Should be one of (if not the best) events of the year.

There are some teams that impress me because I see their robot every year and I think “wow, why didn’t I think of that?”

…Then there’s the Robonauts. Every year I think “jeez you could give me 20 years and I still would have never thought of that.”

Great looking robot! Good luck!

Holy crap guys! I thought we had an awesome robot, but this is a little over the top

We always have a “Why didn’t we think of that?” moment. And this is it for me. Also, those LED’s are “dope” (Will.I.Am) and Macklemore just tops it off for me. Good luck this year, I am stunned.

Absolutely stunning. A robot that fulfills every objective with grace and style, and that can fill any role on any alliance. Excellent design, and execution. I’m at a loss for words.

Not all of us have given up!

Luck and skill permitting, we’ll all meet on Einstein! :smiley:

I suppose this means you and 148 plan on bringing that SVR banner to Texas?

Won’t be an easy task. Quite a few elite teams ready to battle for it.

Awesome robot though, love the climbing mechanism.