The Robonauts 118 - 2018 Video

The Robonauts 2018:

Team 118 is excited to grab the controls and play FIRST Power up. Good luck to all teams and see you at the Arcade.

that’s a pretty fancy roomba you got there

I love the switch flicker and whisker. And everything else.

YES!!! IT’S HERE! VICTORY SCREECH! Immediately watches it 100 times in a row

I love it, a perfect mix of excellent execution, attention to detail, and style.


Another legendary robot from this legendary team! I’m amazed at the the amount of subsystems that are integrated and packaged into this robot. They all seem to work together seamlessly. Congrats on another jaw dropping and inspiring unveil, and I hope to see it in person in Houston!

Y’all added a zip-tie on bag day. Mic dropped.

Looks like another great Robonauts machine. I can tell there are a ton of clever little details as usual, really interested in seeing this one up close in Houston!

Awesome robot, but don’t the ramps go outside the bumper zone? Either way amazing robot as always.

Between the “Sound of Silence” montage and the zip tie chain with the happy face, this video was a masterpiece. Going to bed with a smile on my face tonight.

Lots of awesome ideas on this robot (as usual, though). Loved the Hub City and ziptie clips. :smiley:


Couldn’t agree more.

Another impressive machine from 118, it’ll be fun watching this seamless machine on the field!

118 never ceases to amaze…well done.

This is another amazing and inspiring robot from 118! I love how everything is integrated. Good luck at your events this year, 118!

How does the roller claw on the elevator deal with 11" deep cubes? (so intaking them from the floor and the cube sitting 11" from front to back when sitting on floor).

Amazing robot, the Sounds of Silence and GDC troll were perfect. Good luck to 118 this season. Wish we got to see you guys during competition season at some point. Hopefully IRI!

Love to see someone saving time by flicking cubes sideways onto the switch during auto. Also a big fan of the hurricane shaped cam to activate the brake calipers. Symbolic or coincidence? Congrats guys, once again lots of little touches in the video to spend time pouring over. Can’t wait to see it in Dallas.

I love your style. Nice bot. Good luck in this season!

Only if they aren’t flexible upwards. There’s a Q&A somewhere about that.

I really liked Ruckus’s little “flashback”… well played!

Somebody planned doing the spin in place test under the low cg sign, and I just want to let that person know that I appreciated it.

Sweet robot! Looking forward to actually getting to see it this year.