The Robonauts 118 - 2018 Video

What a great video, perfect song, and one of the top robots that will ever play Power Up. This is just what I love to see each and every year from the Robonauts. Such a great video! The “The Sound of Silence” and the zip tie skirt as extras were really great.

Fantastic. (As always)

It looks like their plan is to score the weird orientations in the switch (0:24).

All the cubes start upright and are only (maybe) reoriented if a cube is dropped. This could be the 2018 edition of “What about the upside-down totes?” or “What about upside-down discs?”.

Fantastic robot! Quick question, is the sprocket on your cube manipulation arm made out of polycarbonate?

Another amazing robot as usual!

Love the robot, I’m always watching your videos realizing what we missed.

:slight_smile: Hope I get to come see it in person at worlds!

Good stuff as always!

Awesome as usual. It’s interesting that another Texas powerhouse team has decided to only lift one other robot.

Looking forward to seeing this up close at Lone Star South.

Great. There goes my morning.

Look forward to this release every year. Very nice execution!

Transparent Aluminum

That is seamless! Great job 118, hope to see you guys at Houston…

the REAL question is will 118 be lifting 148 or will 148 be lifting 118?

or if they lift their 2nd pick, who lifts?

We all know #SpaceCowboys2018 is coming.

So incredible I had to play several times alway impressed with your robots every season

118 could lift 148 while 148 grabs another bumper. Three way climb with the spacecowboys .

When your robot cameos in 118’s reveal video.


Never disappointed. :smiley:

Nicely done…puts our Everybot to shame. Saw your machine pick up the Everybot. We’ll try support all alliance members by being the switch and vault “stuffer”. We’re set on being part of a combined arms alliance and play every match. Good Luck! See ya’ soon at the Dallas Regionals:]

Steve Miller
Team 3355
Purple Vipers

Amazing robot as always! Excellent video with great music.

I’m wondering the same thing.

Is that the type that aluminum magnets are used for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, can’t wait to see this robot in action in Colorado. See you guys there!

Rapture Ruckus? Your music curator is the best I’ve seen. That is digging deep to find the right track for your reveal.

I expect harpoons from 900… don’t back out on us now.