The Robonauts 118 - 2019 Everybot



That’s a feature list that covers like 50% of scoring opportunities. That’s going to be a pretty solid robot. With room for improvement if you can mod things enough to expand capabilities to 1st level rocket on panels and cargo.

I’m assuming they’re going with a fixed mounted panel manipulator on the front, cargo manipulation on the rear to simplify integration.


That’s pretty much the same set of requirements I came up with for a cargobot. :+1: Regarding defense, does this include the ability to cleanly navigate the cable cover, or do you have to drive on the side away from the scoring table? This robot is also likely to be able to put a hatch on the bottom row of the rockets , because the hatches are essentially the same as on the cargo ship. Depending on the techniques used, it may be a reasonably small task to score cargo at the lowest level of the rockets.


Yes! There is more information about the Houston Week -6 Event in this thread.


Everybot will be able to drive over the cable protector.


Can’t wait to see it. As a very small, 5-girl, 3-mentor rookie team last year struggling with design late in the build season, we built a version of the Everybot and made it all the way to finals and won the rookie award. It’s beat to heck now, but it survived the Regionals and two other summer exhibition competitions like a champ.


We are proud to present the 2019 Robonauts Everybot:

The CAD model can be found here.
The Bill of Materials can be found here.
The Material Cut List can be found here.

A document on how we built Everybot will be posted soon.


Oh my god. So many brilliant ideas. This robot, if driven well, could be a 1st round pick.


This is a perfect use of the door motor!


I love this so much. It’s a simple yet elegant approach to scoring points FAST


Genious to use the cargo ship to hold the ball for the top belt


So awesome of you guys to do that. Increases the skill of the playing field and improves the quality of first overall. One of our picks in our finalist alliance was an Everybot. You guys rock!


This is awesome! Out of curiousity, is the Everybot able to get onto level 2 by taking advantage of some air time like this 2337 video?


Wow. I love how oh so simple this is while being extremely effective. This really is a gold standard for all low/ mid level teams.


Another great design, Well done. (again)


Does there happen to be a blooper reel of the reveal video, or was lining up the hatch on the cargo ship just that accurate?


That sort of thing can come with driver practice regardless of the mechanism. And you can see it in action on stream tomorrow in the week -6 competition on First Updates Now (FUN)


Very nice. Everybot has really become relevant and useful to the community!


Gold and white standard


Where did you get the 420-tooth belt from?

Edit: I see the spreadsheet has now been updated with suppliers. Thanks.


Wow, this is the definition of elegant robot design. It accomplishes so much while keeping the design simple.

Can the Everybot load cargo into the bottom of the rocket?