The Robonauts 118 - 2019 Everybot

Gold and white standard


Where did you get the 420-tooth belt from?

Edit: I see the spreadsheet has now been updated with suppliers. Thanks.

Wow, this is the definition of elegant robot design. It accomplishes so much while keeping the design simple.

Can the Everybot load cargo into the bottom of the rocket?

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Not with 118, but watching the video when it’s playing defense, it looks like a maybe.

How much does it weigh?

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if you added a deploy able rails with a piston you could output regularly and then be able to score into the rocket. might be interesting if 118 added it @rstockton429

When designing Everybot we knew that it probably would be able to load cargo into the lowest port on the rocket, however we did not intentionally design the robot to do so.

Today after the Week -6 Event we did some testing and found that it can score cargo in the bottom of the rocket with some careful driving. We were also surprised to find that it can score hatch panels on the bottom of the rocket. We designed Everybot to take advantage of the bumper cut out in the loading station and cargo ship that is absent on the rocket and were not expecting it to be able to place on the rocket.

We plan on releasing weekly updates on what we have learned using Everybot that week and upgrades we think would improve Everybot.


Coincidentally the 2019 Everybot weighs the exact same as the 2018 Everybot, 81 pounds with bumpers and battery.

We tried with the 2018 Everybot earlier this week and were not able to get onto level 2. We will try with this year’s Everybot and post video of the results.

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Can you explain how you we’re able to score the hatches on the rocket ?

If they both weighed 81 lb… Nah, can’t be coincidence. You sure that isn’t 81.1 lb? That would be some good marketing.

Hoping to see one or two of these around as we’ve got a floor needing raising this year.

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From what I saw today the 2019 Everybot looked a little tippy when stopping, could this be combined with a little driver practice to help get up there?

Here is a video of Everybot scoring the low rocket. It can do it, but not super elegantly as-is. We think teams who build an Everybot should focus on filling the cargo ship.


We’ve made a video to help teach new drive teams how to use the Everybot in matches

Behind the Glass with Everybot




If you did that backwards, would the center of mass be enough to tip you up to the second level?


We tried it in both directions, multiple times and the gif above shows the best run.


Looks like a good opportunity for some deceleration ramp tuning, or since it only weighs 81 lbs, maybe a couple bricks in the trunk.

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From the look of it, if you can get beached with your center wheels on level 2, a quick tap from a 2012 bridge balancing mechanism and a bit of shimmying might be able to get you to level 2. Of course, that mechanism becomes a bit more complicated without pneumatics.

Is this likely to cause damage to the wheels and wheel bearings like that seen in 2016? Since one would only do this once a match, the damage might not appear until late in the season.