The Robonauts 118 - 2019 Everybot


I never doubted how effective the Everybot would be, but I’m absolutely surprised at how many teams decided to either build the Everybot or heavily borrow concepts from it.

Thank you 118, I truly believe this resource has been a game-changer this year in “raising the floor”.


Here here.

I have seen a surprising number of everybots in my area and all of them can play the game effectively and contribute to their alliance. One even won the event my team competed in last week as the 3rd robot.

Thanks 118 for making a measurable portion of FRC more competitive.


What is the speed of this year’s Everybot?

Should teams be allowed to reuse fabricated items and/or build before Kickoff

Thank you 118… we made a Everybot and ranked 1st in our event.


We are using the everybot at San Francisco. At the end of quals day one we are ranked 7th in RP and 12th in OPR on FRC Spyder. Heres some video of a practice match with 971 and 254. Thanks to 118 for the everybot concept!


I’d like to thank 118 for creating the everybot - from the start, our design plans aligned with the everybot plans. When the cad came out, we chose to use the cargo design but make a new hatch design - but we made an oopsie and already had a long chassis. So we did some adapting and managed to make a more robust and effective version of the everybot while still being quite lightweight - 79lbs with nothing attached! I even got the pleasure of driving alongside 118 at Arizona North this weekend and it was a wonderful experience - even though we didn’t get picked, I would like to thank 118 for making this design and truly raising the robot floor of the competition, while making this year our best so far and it’s only half way done.


This year’s Everybot uses the 2019 KOP chassis with the included gearboxes. This is a 10.71: 1 gear ratio which using the included 6" wheels gives the robot a free speed of around 13 ft/sec.


Wow…That’s all i have to say


I encourage everyone to look up some videos from 2998.

After years stuck in neutral, they are rolling with a close cousin of the Everybot.

In one match this weekend I watched them score 11 game pieces and leap to level 2.
For the first time ever this season they were an alliance captain, won an elimination round, won an award (Motorola Quality) and will qualify for DCMP.

The 118 Everybot program is undoubtedly the most positively consequential development in FRC since the establishment of the district model.


Hello! I’m the team captain for team 2998. We use a version of the everybot with pneumatic wheels. He were able to use airtime to “blast off” twice at the portsmouth district event. We did so in qual 63 and again in Semis 2 Match 1 . While we knew it was possible to do so, we were hesitant because of the delicate hatch mechanism.


Thanks @PayneTrain. You can watch our best match using the everybot design here:


5934 was a first time captain that made it to finals at Midwest.
Borrowed concepts from Everybot.


Has anyone else set their intake back on the everybot to be able to take cargo from the human player?

At 91 seconds left (1:04) in this match we pick a cargo from the far blue human player.

Also would love to hear about modifications other teams have done to the everybot!

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Been watching your teams robot, very impressive! Your cycle times are quick and your machine is efficient!


I’d like to give a huge shout out to Team 6140, who seeded first at the York University District Event and went on to win the event, while using an Everybot based design. It’s amazing to see Everybot’s not just contribute to winning alliances but to lead them as well.


Lots of positives for the Everybot in this thread, i might as well come in with a single negative.

1895 used the Everybot’s “Flipper” for the hatch mechanism using the same design. We ended up removing it halfway through our 2nd event since it seemed to get stuck on cargo during autonomous and prevented us from ejecting the hatch onto the cargoship. So we were effectively rendered into a pure cargobot, since we didn’t have a way of picking up hatch panels after we removed the flipper.

Other than that, it worked pretty darn well at our first event (except for the fact that we destroyed it later on by smashing it into the loading bay wall).


Thanks for the input! Can you share more about this failure with the hatch manipulator? I think we saw the same issue and didn’t consider how difficult it may be to release a hatch with the specific positioning of a cargo in a bay on the real field.

Also, seeing how the mechanism fails when smashed into a wall might be valuable to other teams still competiting with the design.

Congrats to 1895 for the autonomous award at Haymarket too!

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We actually built one ourselves as well improvising the frames strength, cargo mechanism and hatch mechanism we’re the robot in the middle


Ill look through my photos and videos later and see if I can find an example of it getting stuck.

And thank you!