The Robonauts present the making of Arsenal

The Robonauts are on the way to St Louis and are pleased to present our build season time lapse. We can’t wait to compete on Newton.

Very impressive program. I’m amazed.

Hi Bill Bluethmann,

Thank you for posting this video!
Unfortunately in my age I must not see as well as I used to. I had a very hard time fastening down on what was going on!

Still, very riveting and I noticed on your TheBlueAlliance page that you have done well this year!

Best Regards,

Amazing to see how much work happens in a robonauts bot! Good luck at champs.

I see what you did there, Rivet Man :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome video to share with everyone. Really goes to show how much work you guys put into the design of the robot.

If you want a better look at everything, use the video settings on YouTube to slow it down to 0.5 or 0.25x. That made it much easier to see what was going on.

Looking for more? The Robonauts are also happy to share our team build blog. This is a nightly recap of our progress throughout the season. It doesnt capture every team detail but does give some insight into the making of Arsenal.

Was all of this posted during Build Season as updates, of just recently as a recap?

As updates shared privately amongst the team. Originally wasn’t intended for wide spread distribution, so please excuse the unpolished nature of it all.

It’s awesome! I really should go to bed so I can catch my flight out tomorrow, but I’m really tempted to stay up looking at all the photos. I love seeing how you guys go through the design process. It lets me see how you guys solve problems, and compare it to how we solved them.

Wow, that is a LARGE team and workspace. It’s great that Team 118 has so much support! Looking forward to seeing the bot at champs!

I just want to say that you guys are THE TEAM in FIRST. I respect a lot of teams, but you guys may just take the crown. I’ve never met you personally but you guys never cease to inspire and amaze. Especially my students are mindblown by what you guys put out every year. Let’s hope for a championship in a row!

Absolutely amazing to see what team 118 has been able to do this year. The number of prototypes that your team built in order to get to their final design is absolutely astounding and should be an inspiration to us all. To think that your team tested a 3 ball auto routine with a drivetrain, on day 15, is absolutely mindblowing, as many members on my team were doubting the viability of even a 2 ball auto. Thanks a billion for sharing the blog as it really shows the next level approach that a team has to have to be so successful in FRC. Would it be possible for you to share how your team approaches kickoff, as I feel like this is where our team struggles the most in deciding what to build for the year?

Wow. Truly incredible! What a great video. I also love the spacious work area. That has got to be nice!

If you squint your eyes you can even see a student once or twice!

Very cool! I love how the whiteboard slowly moves to the practice field and just slowly floats around everywhere!

Thanks for posting the video and build blog - great insights to how such a successful team operates.

You have such a large team; how do you find tasks for all students to work on? It seems like you build two complete robots each year, plus Everybot, and all the field elements. How are the students assigned to these tasks?

Maybe I’m just underestimating the amount of work the above entail…