The RoboShow: Orlando

The RoboShow: Orlando Trailer

The Orlando Regional Planning Committee is pleased to announce The RoboShow: Orlando, a day by day regional review show produced by a talented crew of FIRST alumni.

There will be daily wrap-up shows on Thursday and Friday at 7:00 pm filled with interviews, match analysis, statistics, highlights and more.

On Saturday, March 9th we will go live at 12:45 pm, after alliance selections, with a recap of the last two days and match by match coverage of the eliminations. In addition to the match analysis you will also hear about the sights and sounds of the Orlando Regional, the history of the event, the people who make it run, and the teams that make it one of the best FIRST Regionals running.

We will have 9 cameras on the field covering all the angles (including driver stations) and roving reporters talking to teams about everything happening at the 15th Annual Orlando Regional.

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Be sure to tune in, we’ll see you at the Regional.

This is a great idea. I hope this works well so it will expand to more regionals.

Yes! An actual sporting-event like broadcast of a FIRST event! I can’t wait for this!

Hmm maybe the MAR Champs can be next, Steve? :rolleyes:

Well they do it for Michigan champs, just not live, because it’s hard to do FRC live.

I’m game ::safety::

As my high school football team’s play-by-play guy for 3 years, I would love to do something like this in Manchester. It would probably be more fun than competing!

We’ve got a lot planned for the show. It won’t simply be coverage of the matches. We are going to be doing packages about all aspects of the event, interviews with teams, coverage of award winners, etc. We are looking to bring high production value coverage of the event to the masses. We are very lucky to have gotten together a great group of people with lots of production experience, who are also alumni of FRC and can bring that unique perspective that only someone who has been a part of this incredible organization can.

Talented? :smiley:

There is a fine line between “talented” individuals and “rather interesting” individuals.

Those who can, do
Those who can’t do, teach
Those who can’t teach, coach
& Those who can’t coach… do color commentary next to Barry :wink:

Michigan hasa been doing this for a few years now. I’ve seen a couple of them on Youtube with sideline reporters and Paul Copioli as color analyst the first year and I think Dave Verbrugge last year. Working MSC the production was a lot less invasive than the crew who worked the FIRST championship in 2011 and the documentary crew who just seemed to be in the way in Florida in 2009 at every turn in 2009.

This seems like such a great idea! Looking forward to watching it and checking it out!

Hopefully we can see this similar idea expand to more events in future years.

Jason Rudolph. Mobis Productions. (He is working on the Oscars tonight)
Kelly Austin. Editor. Electronic Arts. ( EA SPORTS … It’s in the game)
Andrew Rudolph. Stage Equipment and Lighting.

Just to name a few

Wow. Are those 3 all Bacon Alumni? And I also think I speak for all of FIRST in that we should totally get Kelly to push EA to sponsor FIRST by creating each FIRST game every year just like they do with NCAAF and Madden.

None are Bacon Alumni but they have all been involved in FIRST for a number of years. (Kelly is technically not an Alumni but he’s been involved in the program as a parent and then as a mentor.)

Cant wait to watch, as I will not be able to attend this year because Iam in the middle of my Paramedic program.

Good luck teams

I am an Alumnus of 168 and mentored a couple of teams after I graduated. Andrew is an Alumnus of 212 and has been involved as a mentor on many teams at all levels. We also have at least 10 people, all who are either Alumni of a FRC team or who have been involved with a team in some way. Between that FRC experience, and our combined professional production experience, we’re hoping to put together a great show.

Are you guys getting a full booth setup or is it just gonna be mobile mics and stuff.

There will be a desk where the anchors will host match highlights, analysis, pre-recorded stories and they will pitch out to the matches when we’re live on Saturday.
The stories from around the regional will be shot with a few different sets of roaming cameras and microphones.