The Robot in 3 Days Challenge!

Robot in 3 Days is back and we’re bigger and better than ever for 2014! With more of the action, more of the excitement and more of the action! This year, 3 teams will compete to build a robot to play the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition game in just 72 hours.

The teams are:

From the Midwest, Team AndyMark will be lead by Andy Baker and Mark Koors of AndyMark Inc. From the Northeast, Team Boom Done will be captained by Joe Johnson of legendary team Chief Delphi 47, leading a team of talented engineers. From the Southeast, Team Ri3d 1.0 will be captained by none other than Cute Baby.

But this aint no kiddy stuff… The teams will be competing for the “Cute Baby Cup” (name pending) to see who built the best robot. Team’s will be judged on 3 categories:

Viral Outreach: The number of video views, tweets and followers they attract.
Viewer Votes: Vote for your favorite, for whatever reason you want. Best robot, most effective use of a falafel, or bribery… Literally anything goes.
Judged Panel: A panel of professional judges ( to be named later ) will review the designs and decide on their choice as winner.

We’ll post more updates here and on Robotin3Days.Com and as we near the competition if you want to stay up to speed follow us on Twitter or Facebook @Robotin3Days or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

YESSSSSSSS! :smiley:

5 robots built by 5 of the top mentors in FIRST in 3 days…someone needs to do a sixth

Now that I’m in Mass now, I think I’m gonna have to declare allegiance to Team Boom.Done

So we just going to make build season 3 days now? This is the very exciting news. I need to buy at least 3 more monitors to have one for each of the live 72 hour builds.

Thanks for starting this and making it even better, keep up the great work.

This is the very best possible news. Following this will come in second only to actually building with my team this year. Thank you all so, so much!

This is so awesome!! Tough decision to choose between Team AndyMark and Team Ri3D

Love it. Love it so much.

Won’t the AM people have an advantage cause they know the game a little early?

This is going to be insane. I’m so freaking psyched about this upcoming season.

Due to the location, I’m gonna have to toss in my support for Dr. Joe’s team!

Holy crap I am excited!

Andy and Mark aren’t the only two employees; I’m sure that game pieces are stocked at their warehouse, but it’s not out of the question that they could have all that handled by other employees.

This poor kid is gonna wake up in like 10 years and wonder why there is a trophy named after her.

Then we can have a bunch of 3-day robot matches. Seriously, this needs to happen.

This is five groups of the smartest minds in FRC, testing out a wide variety of ideas for simple and effective robots. It doesn’t get better than this. 2014 is going to be one of the most competitive years ever.

Now it’s all up to someone come up with 4 robots in 3 days… Or maybe VEXpro decides to throw in another team or two to avoid being upstaged :slight_smile:

Week -6 tournaments? Do I have my math right?

Perhaps they’ll trust Karthik with a power drill after all? :wink:

I was watching some of ESPN’s bowl coverage, and they talked about how YouTube videos on coaching quarterbacks has made the level of play at that position better on the high school level, and thus now the college level. I have to think that RI3D and now the Build Blitz are game changers for FRC to the same extent, creating a massive pool of prototyping resources for teams. (What one team can actually run through five full prototypes for how to play a game in that time span?)

It’s gonna be an interesting season, that’s for sure!

This is amazing. Cannot wait.

Is it possible to coordinate between the teams to have them create different strategic designs? As in (per 2013) having one team make a cycler, one with ground feeding and one for full court shooting? Not sure how well that’d go for overly hard tasks (full court shooting), but slightly different ways to play the game would be very helpful for other teams.

Also, how big are the teams making these robots? Is it small like the first year, or bigger (ie. 10+ people)?

It nothing else how about those five robots and the top FRC 25 robot compete in a match during IRI this summer, assuming that logistics could be worked out. It was kind of sad that Ri3D last year built a very solid robot, but it was never able to be in a match. I think I will be pulling for Ri3D 1.0 because they provided the initial spark that lit the fire for this idea. I hope that all five robots this year will provided students and teams with a high amount of inspiration.

Can we get a list of names of team members? It’d be cool to know more about each one.

Andy Baker- Nuff said :slight_smile:

Andy Baker once built a championship robot in 72 minutes by staring at a kit of parts and willing it to win.