The Robot Space

Is The Robot Space officially gone for good? Seems like it was on its last legs at the start of COVID and I haven’t heard anything since, but the website isn’t officially gone either.

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I called and didn’t get an answer, but also didn’t leave a message. It still goes to a voicemail for Clinton.

I’m curious if they are still up and running, and if so how do we know what they have available so we can support them with some orders.

They closed operations in 2020 and I thought it was to shut down the physical store…I am not sure if they are still holding any inventory. You can also tag @Clinton_Bolinger or message to find out if they have inventory of anything they are trying to offload still.

We are only able to do Orders via E-mail at this time. The parts would be shipping from the Texas Warehouse until we find a new location for inventory and work out some other details. Trust me I wish there was a way for us to have inventory for the 2022 Season but we were not able to do so.

@MrBasse I saw your call but I was in a meeting and unable to answer the phone, sorry about that.

I hope this helps clear things up.


No worries, we were just hoping to keep some orders local and had always appreciated the in state option.

Good to know we can still route things through you guys if the need arises.

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