The Robots vs. The Carpet

Kind of an aside, but can anyone who was at SAC comment on whether the carpet was as light in person as it looked on the live stream? The static field view everything looked blown out and over exposed. Carpet looked ash colored rather than the normal dark grey.

Carpet looked normal in person, webcast was just weirdly high contrast.


Who is the carpet for?

It is for us. As long as the venue floor is unharmed, let the carpet damage happen.


This is quite an epiphany to put it mildly. Tape and hot glue to keep it together (I’m not joking about the hot glue). If it’s smooth, the robots won’t care. I doubt a robot can get through the Masonite underneath.

Even though this is the case, I’d like to start a thread: “Petition to keep the carpet pristine”. Every few years we get the end of season carpet to replace our worn out practice field carpet. If it gets tore up during the season, well, who wants free carpet that is torn up. Beggars certainly can be choosers.

A determined robot might get through. After wearing through the carpet and destroying its own tread, it could continue spinning , beating screw heads against the Masonite fifteen times per second. Only takes a few seconds of that to chew out a chunk.

Challenge accepted! We will start training our driver “Torri The Tornado” on the fundamentals of chewing on Masonite.

Serious note: Does anyone put down a field without protectant of some kind? Seems like I’ve always seen Masonite.


I heard a rumor someone was using a $30,000 hardwood laminate as a protectant substrate.


I seem to recall from the past some venues with concrete floors just putting the carpet on that. I could be mistaken.

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LVR has always put carpet directly on the concrete floor and our team has helped set up many other fields directly on concrete. Seems the norm…

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They tried to contract Markie Marks Curved Plywood and Emporium but I couldn’t figure out how to make the laminate flat. :slightly_frowning_face:


There was an earlier related topic, in which a PNW person replied about how floors have been protected there in the past. They may be changing based on experiences this year.

Well, often (though maybe this is just a district thing), carpets are only replaced every other event that they go to, so having a really-beat-up carpet at the start of a carpet’s second event isn’t optimal.

I think New England usually just has a tarp under the field, though maybe it’s (like everything) venue-dependent.

No protector at Greater Boston this weekend. Field and pits were straight on the rubberized gym floor

Typically, carpets are used for two district events or a single regional.

I don’t believe NE events run anything under the carpet but I could be wrong.

Rumors are NE District Champs is on dirt, in the horse arena at the Big E. Okay, so there are layer(s) of wood or hard floor plastic on the dirt, like an ice arena floor. And the dirt is rolled and compressed flat. My guess is this isn’t their first rodeo (ha!) so they have some method in place for events that need a floor.

I was fortunate getting two events with new carpet. Even without the holes, it looked like Saturday night in a parking lot after a lot of screeching and tire donuts.

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One big contributor to carpet wear could be because the carpet isn’t laying flat at some regionals…

At OCR, the carpet had been rolled up since the 2020 season, and there were loose “waves” of carpet all over the field – so much that the field reset crew had trouble keeping the cargo on their rings before the match. The carpet was bulging so much for us that it would stick to velcro on our bumpers (we have reversible bumpers) which are an inch off the ground and get us partially “stuck” to the ground. We resolved this by adding loop-side velcro on the bottom of the bumper. Either way, as we drove around some areas of the field, we’d be pushing a wave of carpet along as we drove

Based on how loose the carpet was, I would not have been surprised at all about damage to it.

SBPLI’s back-to-back regionals on the same carpet may create a difficult scenario. The rumor is, carpet at the Tennessee regional was delayed (don’t know the current status) due to supply chain issues. Thus, they HAD considered sending SBPLI’s carpet there. That would be an okay solution as long as they send an extra case of black gaffer’s tape.

We were running low on blue tape for some reason. I felt like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life when his bank had a run on it’s money and he closed the doors at the end of the day with only $2. (First half of the video.)

DC just finished playing its 8th full event of the season (296 official matches total) on the same carpet.