The Rock!!

Hey did everyone who is going to the Buckeye Regional see that the team social will again be held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!! That place was awesome, and there is a thing on U2 there!!! Whooo Hooooo…CLEVELAND ROCKS!:smiley:

just pray that there isn’t another incident like last year…note to people who would like to…DON’T CROWD SURF…landing is not fun.

collin, I don’t know if you were there or not, or crowd surfed or not… but as a warning to all teams attending any socials with music, dancing, blah blah blah.

A close friend of mine on team 247 nearly lost his life, in fact he died twice at the hospital (lost all vital signs), from a 3 or 4-foot fall onto his neck. He was saved by two girls who were trying to catch him while he surfed across into a void of people. Had they not been there, his fall would have been anywhere from 4 to 6 feet and likely would not be alive.

Security at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame decided to say “Have him sit out for a while and take a breather.” 247’s mentor decided against that and called an ambulence. Upon paramedic arrival they rushed him to a nearby hospital where he struggled with internal bleeding in his neck.

He’s now doing OK but is still on pain killers to deal with the intense headaches he gets, mostly in his neck area. Maybe he’ll post a comment on here (‘C Fox’ is his CD name).

To those team’s that have questioned, signed our team poster that we gave to Chris, and all who have supported him, as alumni of 247 and Chris’s friend, he, his family, team 247, and I thank you.

i was there…i saw him fall…i had to get people off him and try to keep him laying down especially after he sat up and fell back over. that’s why i posted what i posted…as a warning to all people there. the band didn’t stop playing…people didn’t stop moshing. i heard they had called an ambulance…but never heard what happened afterwards…thanks for the update though. i’m really sorry about what happened…i know it was unavoidable…but i feel like i could have done more. be careful.