The Role of Mentors on FIRST Teams

In Light of the Ensuing Debate I would request that people ignore this post.

We have this argument every three months. You and 50 other people make the point that the kids should do everything. 50 other people then make the point that it’s none of our stinkin business how other teams are run, and as long as the kids are inspired, it really doesn’t matter how.

We might as well just agree to disagree–at this point I really don’t see a possibility of any new viewpoints being introduced.

I haven’t been around in a while, So I have no seen any thread with the same message. I still think it is an important one, but I posed no argument in my post.

And if i did not make it apparent, I did not mean kids doing everything, I meant kids having no active role whatsoever.

There should be a balance in between both. I did not mean to support 100% student run, with my anecdote, I was trying to use it as an example that the students should know how their robot works, and general things like that.

100% run either way is a bad Idea

Read some of these:

Those threads may give you some insight. I am willing to discuss it with you by PM if you like.

In the end, it is up to each team to decide how it will best operate. If your team feels that more student involvement is the best way to accomplish your goals, then by all means do so! But if some other teams want to have more mentor involvement, that is fine too. It’s all about finding the right balance to suit your team’s needs.

– Jaine

Obviously there has been enough debate on the topic. So until I figure out how to close the thread just ignore it.

Hey for all you newcomers who have yet to read any topics related to the debate on ChiefDelphi, here’s a chance to use Brandon’s keen new search features…

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I agree with Cory, after you read through all the existing threads regarding this topic, it will be hard to find anything new to say that hasn’t already been said and also put it in such a delicate manner that you won’t incite an avalanche of passionate replies from individuals who both agree and disagree with you.

Maybe Brandon can make a sticky post or something for the newbies containing links to all of these threads? Just so Jaine and others down the road won’t have to keep copying and pasting all those links?

I am closing this thread as I believe it to be the wishes of the starter. All said I believe that it is good to state your points but I also believe that it is good to do in a kinder fashion. Remember that we are not here to tear others and their ideas apart but to discuss and help each other.