the rookie FIRST experience

well im just going to summarize my own experience. i found out about our school starting a robotics team on the last meeting before build season because one of my friends(who ended up not joining the team) told me about it in the hallway after school as i was going to the quizbowl meeting. i figured what the heck and decided to go.

i think there are three stages in becoming a firster.

1- when you find out about it and think it is awesome but cant imagine you building something like that and dont think it will ever happen.(joining a team for the first time)

2-when you realize that it is really not impossible and stress out about building it on time.(around week 4 of rookie build season)

3- total addiction-eat, sleep, and breathe robotics (in the gap between first regional and end season) and want to spend every waking moment on it (and most of your dreams too). and you spend your entire spring break designing a prototype arm and drivetrain.

or well this is what i did anyways.


I just want to say the** ROOKIES ROCK!!**

i had just thought about making a thread like this :smiley: . Well my overall rookie experience was AWESOME :] :] :] :] !!! Ive learned so much from FIRST in general its amazing. Every team i have talked to another team, ive just learned so much more. FIRST has shown me something brand new. Engineering at its best. It has show me what i want to with my life. I am now pursuing a career in engineering. I would just like to say that FIRST is AMAZING and so is every everyone involved in it. I want to thank everyone who has made my Rookie Year amazing. Championships were AWESOME and so was the rest of the season. Thanks to All.

-Team 2016

From working with a rookie team and learning about the other rookies at Championship, I was really impressed. In Galileo, Jaws (2079) , metalheads (2272) and patriotics (2056) were amazing teams with great progress.

Walking around, I saw many other rookies with amazing Pits, especially FIRE (2194), Apple Pi (2067) and PANTERAS (2283).

Congrats to ALL rookies - you are NOW no longer a rookie, as the end of the FIRST season has just been completed.

I hope that you were inspired enough to return again next year, tell others near you or in your area about FIRST, and encourage them to give it a try.

Does this make them ROCKies?