The SAM Thread

OK, I was excoriated for this suggestion in 2012, but was proven correct that it was possible and, apparently, reasonable. Can (and may) a robot interfere with a ball in flight by shooting a ball at it?

I’ll give you the reality that there are only 10 seconds (generally) when more that two balls in play, so the strategic value of ack-ack is greatly reduced over Rebound Rumble. Is it worth interferrng?


Is it possible? Yes. Is it worth attempting? No.

Check with PFreivald and 1551, they might have an interesting take on this :wink:

Best-case its a net-sum-zero strategy, so if it fits into your game plan it might be useful.

I cannot figure out how it would be genuinely useful though.

Dodgeball immediately jumped to mind.

Coming out ahead in auton and locking the score. Ranking suicide in quals but could be a useful strategy if you know you’ve got them in auton but they can cycle faster.

I suppose so. I guess I was assuming that if you were consistently winning auton (i.e. reliable high-goal shooting) that you would always wind up with better cycle scores.

Do you really think trying to hit a ball out of the air with another ball would be better than a 2 or 3 robot defensive blockade?

Not at all. Hitting a quickly moving target is NOT a trivial problem in the least.

You did ask for a case when it would make sense, not a case in which I would do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Touche good sir!