The Screen Savers Is Dead

Incase you didn’t hear, everyone was fired and they are going through a major rebranding of the show. They also dumed Unscrewed.

Forget this poo, I’m NEVER watching G4TV again (what’s the point of the Tech if there is none?)

Look at the AlexCam

This does suck. The Screen Savers was one of my favorite shows, but I thought I heard them say somewhere they were gonna do this anyways after the TechTV / G4 merger.

They did this past July, now they are doing it again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just get rid of the rest of the TechTV shows.

That show has not been good since Comcast purchased the channel

i haven’t been able to watch that channel since the merger in july…all of the gamging shows and just terrible programing…i hope they have realized this and are now changing it back to the way it was